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Fits fine.. the ass will slim down/be less baggy after a week or two of wear.
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Originally Posted by Kodiak View Post
Do my 19cms look fine comparatively or not?

Originally Posted by Kodiak View Post
Better pics:

HELLLLLLLLLLLA need diff boxer briefs for these.

Nothing wrong with these fits, they don't flatter your backside much but I don't think that can be helped, you're a really skinny guy. To be honest both of these look decent and the stacking is great, I remember more than once people mentioning how great those 19cm's fit you (as an example of a good dior fit) so it's quite odd to see so many people call you out on them now. I wouldn't worry about it, if you were to post this in Sufu or walk around melbourne like that very few would be negative about the jeans and a good few would even compliment you on them.
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civicex: Fit looks fine. Not much of an ass on a guy who has thick quads. I'm jealous.
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Older gen slimfit first worn around July '06, daily wear through July '07, and then worn on occasion after that. One soak, one machine wash. Throwing them in the machine, by the way, was the best medicine for these jeans. In short, please buy RRL.
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those look better than other RRLs I've seen and I bet its because everyone else was too much of a snob to throw it in the washer.
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i remembered to take some pics of my 5epxsf not sure how long ive worn them
they are getting pretty dirty and need another wash

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My SEXSC06 at about 3 months
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APC NS 5months give or take. Opinions are very welcome, what do you think?
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So anyway;

I brought my most lightweight denim to South America, my awesome vintage Leepros, 1939 Hair-on-hides. I managed to scan some photos I took. So after two months of being in places like this:

Doing shit like this:

... I kind of felt that they deserved a wash. Upon arrival in New York, I thought I just might treat myself for another pair of jeans, as well.

(Fullcounts, for those who care)

Will post a better after-picture whenever I find the digital SLR that's lying around somewhere...
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Some progress pics on my New Standards, about 5.5 months since I got 'em, over the past 2 they've been alternated pretty evenly with Ande Whall Cougars. So I guess ~4.5 months of wear. Thoughts? I'm thinking about a wash soon.
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that's some nasty hip flare.
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I think it's that fat bankroll he's got. Plus APCs sometimes don't settle down until after the first wash. If it's time, do it.

Originally Posted by nemuu View Post

This is probably my favorite pic in almost three years of Steez.

Nemuu's postcount =

Doublesupersecretnohomo, but you look like my HS friend who was a Polo model for a few years.
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Originally Posted by gusd671 View Post

that's some nasty hip flare.

I'm aware. It is unfortunate, but not really much I can do about it.
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