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Originally Posted by Bona Drag View Post
Poly is the internet.

I do think, though, that the PRPS - which I fully believe are one of the best-dyed denimz available - are approaching that washed-out point of diminishing returns. This only happens with the true masters, but I saw it in cheep's contest Samurais, for example; you get past a certain a point at which they probably look as good as they ever will, and then you start beating/washing the color out of them. Still look good, but they just lost something they used to have.

i know what you mean about those. That point was like 8 months ago on these.
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Originally Posted by robba View Post
very nice.
how many and when did you wash the PRPS?

first time after 6 months, washed maybe 6-7 times now? maybe more, i don't keep track anymore
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Poly - this thread has your name all over it:


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Crate Route, 34x37". Bought in December, cold soaked (in retrospect, should've warm soaked, cold soak is pretty pointless) before wearing. Worn most days since then. Cold machine wash about a week before taking these pictures. Not as dramatic fades as some of the experts in this thread, but I'm quite satisfied with the way they look. Great jeans by the way, absolutely love them. They're not as tight fitting as they look in the second picture, something to do with the perspective and way I was standing I think.
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^^^ You need to x-post this on the Crate thread(s). Chad would be happy.
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Obiter, what boots/shoes are you wearing?
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Nice looking Routes.
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Well it's nice to know I'm doing something right. LOL.

My 6 or 7 month old AJ Heavy Drys are beginning to develop some character. Nice subtle whiskering, knee fades, wallet and holster fades, silver dollar coin pocket fade etc. I'll post some before and after pics the next time I get around to my next hot soak.
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Originally Posted by sci-fi-o-hi-fi View Post
Obiter, what boots/shoes are you wearing?
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Routes look great. I'll have to get my friend to post pictures of his.
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a quick lo-fi update
kmw rockers 11-17-08 to 3-17-09
initial hot soak
4 months of relatively solid wear

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Nudie RRDS (~2 years, 1 wash)

compare with a year ago, no wash:

APC NS (1 year, no wash)

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Pibbs, you're too nice to your denim.
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This may be true. There's not much chance for an engineering student to get out and do crazy things, unfortunately...
In any case, since I finally figured out how to use the timer on my camera, here are some more pics:

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The fading and wear shows up a lot better in those second shots. It's clear you spend a lot of time sitting on your ass though. I have the same problem (programmer).

Nice work.
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