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the tailor took the legs in from the mid thigh down to the leg opening.
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Could a tailor take the inseam in from the mid thigh to the crotch? Or would that fuck up how they fit in the crotch, hips and ass?
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I'm sure it differs, but how much does something like that cost?
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Levi's Skinner - 4.5 Months - 1 lukewarm soak
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Those skinners have a pretty nice color to them
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Very nice, sonick. Having a contact lens holder in the coin pocket probably comes in handy when you're sleeping in 'em.
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Studio D'artisan SD-103 (things to note: ultra-hairy denim, indigo hue, goat leather patch)
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Those are great. Very fuzzy. I like the clever arcuate, off-set belt loop, the pigs, and the low-contrast fading. Hidden rivets, too, right? That's what I like.
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Beautiful minya, coming along really nicely.
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yep, hidden rivets. And, yeah, I love the pigs
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Looking very nice Minya. I have found that fuzzy denim becomes less hairy after it's worn in. So it should be pretty flat after awhile.
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great, minya!!!
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How long has it been minya?
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Kicking Mule Workshop, 1980 cut. ~4 weeks now, I think.

Nothing special, but so far so good.
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SD103s around six months.
Worn almost everyday. One cold soak, 2 washes, no dryer time.

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