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Originally Posted by Bullethead86 View Post
yea bro, really

Did you tell J Crew?
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Originally Posted by robbie View Post

First chambrays were out, and now cuffing.

I don't know what to believe in anymore.
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you're silly.
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Originally Posted by robbie View Post
you're silly.

This is serious.

Next thing you know, another anonymous Internet poster will decree that boots and plaid are out, and then where will that leave me and my beloved 'Crew?
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It's almost mandatory in my opinion. Either a single cuff or a a casual scrunched up cuff...
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I'm glad a consensus hasn't developed on cuffing v. hemming.

As others have said, it depends on the cut and on the footwear. If unsanforized, it also
depends on how far you are into the wearing and wash cycle of the jean.

I would never cuff skinny jeans.

Slim-straights with a medium rise can go either way. I think IH 634s for example can look equally good with a single cuff, a double cuff, or hemmed.

Most 501 cuts with the possible exception of a well fitted '47 are on the roomy side with higher rises and to my eye look better cuffed, whether it's casually flipped over once or cuffed with clean, square lines. On some occasions they look good hemmed.

If cuffing I prefer an off-handed single cuff because i like the not-clean look and how a single cuff shows a roped hem and de-emphasizes the selvage.

But on Flat Head or LVC or anything unsanforized I often double-cuff for a while out of necessity until they're broken in. I don't like hemming, at all, until they are fairly stable in terms of inseam length. I don't think double cuffing looks douchy or trendy at all, and although I prefer the single cuff, I feel fine wearing a jean double-cuffed right on my shoes for months if necessary.

In terms of just seeing jeans in the wild, I'm more adverse to gaudy pocket design or disgusting washes than I am to the way I see anyone wearing their jeans, esp in terms of the hem.
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Hem Stack Single Cuff Double Cuff All of the above depending on the inseam length, leg opening, selvedge line, footwear, weather (more likely to cuff in warmer weather), brand of jean (dior vs rrl), cut of jean (slim vs. bootcut), etc, etc..
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I think this thread needs reviving ;)


IMO, cuffing is great and looks less boring than not in most cases. 


Or, do the total opposite of cuffing or stacking:





from -

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Depends. I have some heritage style, full cut Rising Sun that look right with cuffs. I like the look of no cuffs with trimmer cut denim.
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Work-related pants (e.g. wool, etc.). = clean hem/no break

Denim and other fabrics = long enough inseam for one cuff

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I like this:












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