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Do you cuff your jeans?

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Curious what percentage do. I never used to, but I got a pair of Routes recently, and since they are so long I decided to wear them double-cuffed until I could get them hemmed. I wore them for a few days and realized I actually really liked it, which surprised me since I used to think it was a bit tacky. Maybe I'm becoming tacky. I'm not sure what the correct term is for when you cuff them and then roll up that cuff again, so I call it double-cuff. Feel free to correct me. I do like the double-cuff better than the single-cuff for some reason.
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I think it's pretty tacky, but it works for some people.
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i usually keep a vagrant-steez pair for fishing and vacation lazing around.
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I cuff without fail. FTW!!! (and that doesn't mean for the win)
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personally i dont cuff but i dont see anything wrong with it
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I like cuffs but they look wrong to me on those ridiculous carrot cuts people are so fond of these days. On '47 or slim straight cuts, I dig.
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i double cuff on the new SExDBxS09 ... i think it depends on the jeans and the length. i will likely leave these new jeans double cuffed or at least cuffed cuz they are long. (dont know yet, cuz im waiting till april 1st for the contest )

i have apc new standards that i single cuff or stack. it all depends on what im wearing, my mood, the weather etc. but i wear the NS stacked 9 out of 10 times.

but cuffing looks great if you can pull it off ... recommended by Kiya so must be a good idea huh!
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Levi STFs have a reputation for being cuffed right?
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Tapered (i.e. < 8ish" Hem) = No Cuff Straight (i.e. 8-9" Hem) = Single Cuff of 2-3"
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Ah, the age old question... To cuff, or not to cuff.

Depending on the shoes and the outfit, I'll either stack or double cuff. If I'm wearing chucks and the outfit is more punk, I'll do the cuff. If the look is more relaxed, I'll stack. It all depends on the person and how it fits into their overall look.
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If I plan to wear them with boots no, if I'm gonna wear them with boat shoes yes
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1-2" single cuff over Docs, work boots or high top PF Flyers. No cuff over cowboy boots or regular sneakers.

I've gotten some comments lately (all from girls) about how strange it is to see a guy in cuffed jeans. (Also that it would be douchey on most people but works for me.)
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I used to cuff all the time in elementary school. I remember being pretty embarrassed in fifth grade when one of the teachers was discussing having a '50s themed day and that cuffing your jeans was one of the things you could do for it.

Anyway, I'd prefer to hem. Cuffing works for some. I could be alone here, but this usually looks best on lankier folks. Bigger or um, more proportioned guys tend to look awkward with the cuffs.
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actually accidentally clicked stack instead of hem. I either hem or leave a bit for a single cuff, I actually like to single cuff with boots to show them off, and with sneakers I just let the hemmed jean fall naturally
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I like the single cuff better then all others. When i cuff my jeans the indigo doesn't run onto the shoe and doesn't stain it. (Learned the hard way)
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