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SF Boat Owners?

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I am just curious if there are any large boat owners on SF. It would stand to reason that a few people here must own a yacht or at the very least a small craft. I am curious if people have any pics or experiences they'd want to share.
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Current boats: Sea Ray 540 Sundancer w/ TNT lift. (Father's, too much for me...and anyone by themselves really)
AB 24' Rigid Inflatable w/250 (dealer demo)

Yacht Tenders is what I do.
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I'm surprised there's not more of a response...what are you people using your Sperrys for???
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I feel like i just got rickrolled!

And...Sperrys are my work shoes. which sucks sometimes and then again it doesn't.
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Relevant songs are relevant.
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My father has a boat, but now that I'm living far enough from home that I don't see it but once a year (if that) . There are some great sailing and rowing clubs in DC that provides small hulls and skulls to their members at very low rates.
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36' Seafarer
Rowing shell
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48' S&S. I'd call her "mid-size". The tender on the cabin top is a 9' Dyer. Here you go:
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^ sex
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A 26 foot 1970's fishing boat. I don't even remember who the maker is. It hasn't seen the water in 7 or so years, but only has some some minimal work yet to be done before it's seaworthy again (laziness). Almost sank it when a hose burst, but thanks to the Coast Guard the boat, my crew, and myself were rescued. This year I'll get it back in the ocean and put some fish on the deck once again.
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Originally Posted by yachtie View Post
48' S&S. I'd call her "mid-size". The tender on the cabin top is a 9' Dyer.
Here you go:

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there was an interesting article in wednesday's NYT about boat owners in south carolina who were sanding the names and removing serial numbers from their boats and just dumping them.
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"A boat is a hole in the water into which to throw money."
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I want an old Cris-Craft. There are a few on our lake, and I become lustful every time I see one. To be honest, I like taking the canoe/kayak out more than the motorboat.
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