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Gucci shirts -- worth it?

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Bluefly has some new Gucci white dress shirts for about $120, marked down from something like $240. I was wondering if generally Gucci dress shirts are worth it, as I have paid less for custom made shirts from Ascot Chang.
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Gucci shirts IMO are definatly NOT worth full retail price. I can find stacks of them at Century 21 for $99.99. A salesmen at Barney's once tried to sell me one for $240.00; I was like, "ummm.... no." I opted for Barney's brand shirt on sale for $85.00, which is an amazing quality shirt for the best value I've found. Rather than spend full price on Gucci, I'd  buy Barbera or even Zegna. I feel that with Gucci, sometimes you end up paying mostly for lable status. Though it is high quality, they just charge a little much.
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I agree with the above sentiments but Gucci silk shirts are actually quite nice, though.
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there are certain labels that became well known for their quality, and there are ones who got their another way. I'd put Gucci in the latter category when it comes to clothing. While there is no doubt they make excellent accessories and probably very good clothes, I would never in a million years spend retail (or even close to retail) on Gucci clothing; just not worth it to me. For the same price you can usually get top of the line dress shirts from labels who are popular and well known for the quality of their pieces (Zegna, Barbera, Lorenzini, Ike, etc. can all be found on sale regularly for around and below $150). Just my opinion. $100 is not too much to experiment. And with Bluefly, you can always return it, very cool if you want to experiment.
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I'd pay retail for gucci shoes but nothing else. That said, I'd be curious to know who manufactures their shirts (and other clothes).
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In my experience, Guccis silk shirts are worth retail price- their other shirts are probably worth around $120 - 150, but definitely not $240 or whatever rediculous price they ask for in the boutiques.
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