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Theatre tix, London

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I'm passing through London later this week. Main errand is to push ahead the clothing production, but shops are closed evenings. And like an idiot, I waited until Henry IV was sold out before making enquiries. All the agencies I've found on-line or as a referral from the box office are saying No. Does anyone know a good source for sold-out tickets (in London or on-line), or a good way to scrounge a seat before show time? And if you want to make my week, does anyone have a single ticket for Thursday's show?
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As in some American cities, there are rush ticket booths that sell attractively discounted tickets on the day of the performance. Most if not all the West End theaters seem to participate. The one nearest Theatreland is in Leicester Square. I've done very well there. Good luck and enjoy the play.
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When do the same-day seats go on sale there? Is it an afternoon thing or can I trundle over at 9AM?
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I've done well at liecster square, too. if you are staying at a pretty good hotel, they might be able to do it for you. for one person, you might be able to pick up a ticket at the door, but I have never seen a "hot" show in london, it may be that I was just lucky.
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I've generally bought my same-day tickets in the morning. Being a self-sufficient sort (not to mention a cheap bastard), it never occurred to me to ask the hotel concierge, but that's obviously an option if you don't mind the mark-up and tip.
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Well, the hotel concierge was not too helpful-- just e-mailed me before arrival to say that the show was sold out. Duh... My shirtmaker knew the concierge at the Stafford, and thought he might know someone who knew someone. No dice for Thursday, said that maybe for Friday. And then, as a lark, I called the box office again the afternoon of the performance. Must have been a return, because they offered me two choices. Took the one at 25 quid, and sat 9 rows from front and center. Good show all around. And no markup or tip.
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Well done, Concordia.
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great. how was the show?
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Well worth the trip, even if it hadn't been planned as the main event. There have been other reviews, but these will serve:,00.html I only wish I'd been able to catch Part Two.
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