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Advice for Suits/Sportcoats/Shirt fabrics

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I like to ask you for advice. I'm around 6'2", weighing 335 pounds, wearing a 20" neck 36" sleeve, 58" chest (58 Portly Long), and 56" waist. Now some of my size has changed. Here's two of my recent head-shots of me wearing a shirt and tie. 1.) 2.) If I buy a custom-made shirt, suit, sport jacket, trousers. What type of fabrics is right for me for suitings/sport coats: Worsteds, Solids, Harris Tweed, Stripes, Herringbone, Plaid, Check, or Twills? What type of fabrics is right for me for the shirtings? Solid, Stripes, Herringbones, Checks, Plaids (like Prince of Wales) What type of collars that it's right for me? Straight-Pointed (I'm wearing on Image #2), Button-Down (I'm wearing on Image #1), Tab, Pinned, Spread, Cutaway? What necktie length is right for me? Regular 56" or Extra-Long 61"? What type of suits/sportcoats is right for me? Single-Breasted suits (Two or Three Button), or Double-Breasted? With or Without vest? What type of trouser style is right for me? Trendy flat-front (plain front or pleatless), forward pleats, or reverse pleats? Cuffed or Uncuffed? And one more question, what type of necktie design looks best on me? Regimental stripes, Solid, Knited, Polka Dot, Floral, Plaid, or Paisley? Please e-mail me at big_bubba_1985@yahoo.com
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polyester baby
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It would be good to choose fabrics which "elongate" you.
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I'd go with plain fabrics, herringbones, and fine pinstripes (nothing loud). For suits, dark colors in smooth weaves will look best. No black though. Dark grey and charcoal would look good on you, I think. Go with an XL tie (61" and longer).
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Probably SB would be good for you. My feeling is, two buttons would be better, but it is hard to tell without a picture of you entire body. As far as fabrics I agree with Johnnynorman. For shirts: Straight-pointed collar like you wear seems good. I have a hard time imagining you looking good with button-down, or with too much spread. Also, try to find a collar that is sizable enough to not be looking out of balance with your face.
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