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What shoes do you prefer with jeans

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Just curious what type of shoes people like to wear with jeans. Do you prefer tennis shoes, drivers, loafers, or what? BTW, I'm in my 40's so Chuck Taylors probably won't work. I'm talking mainly for going out for the evening or in a business casual environment. Photos or specifics would be great.
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Well, I'm 30, and sneakers work fine for me. On the exceptional day that I am not allowed to wear sneakers, I'll wear a pair of distressed leather boots or chelsea boots, or the classic Clarks desert boots. I think that for footwear to wear with jeans, John Varvatos puts out a consistently understated and masculine, but stylish line.
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I think this is a brilliant look:
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I agree with LA Guy.
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at 35, i wear anything from trainers to grinders steel toe shoes to brogues/dressy shoes to engineer boots. i think they all look good
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The beauty of jeans is that you can really wear almost the entire gamut of shoes from flip-flops to sneakers to dress shoes. That said, I usually pair them with sneakers.
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I second the distressed boots/shoes, particularly John Varvatos. Really great looking. I love those Berlutis, Roy, but don't think they look particularly good with jeans, at least not with those ones.
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Those Japanese wear some nice things, I like the grey/beige (greyge?) distressed shoes/boots with jeans. My budget is limited, I wear grey/beige distressed trainers from Diesel with my APC jeans.
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one thing that i find important is the darkness of shoe compared to the jean... i wear darker shoes with darker jeans. black shoes only with my darkest jeans, and i would never wear anything shiney.. black or not. that said, i wear almost any of my non-dress shoes with jeans. my silver/red pumas, my mocs, my nice, but not too nice brown slip-on s, lots of different 'trainers' from diesel to saucony.. jeans are versitile..
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I don't wear black shoes with jeans, usually a pair of tan santoni's. Even with darker denim.
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I personally like the constrast of a light sneaker with dark jeans, or bright colored sneakers with lighter jeans (although I haven't been wearing light colored jeans muich lately). And definitely no black with jeans, unless they are sneakers. Even then, I hesitate unless the black is the secondary color. If you want a more grown up sneaker, try Medium sneakers, which you can actually buy online at www.mediumdesigngroup.com. They are well constructed, not terribly out there (although for me, out there is not a bad thing) and suitable enough for the casual office.
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No black shoes? How about Chucks? While we're on the subject, what socks do you wear with a sneaker/jeans combo? Do the regular socks rule (match the pants, not the shoes) apply to jeans?
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i like to wear fun socks with trainers/jeans. for dominantly black trainers i wear an argyle sock with greys or blacks in it my white trainers all have a red/navy combo so i'll throw on some solid bright red socks or navy/lt blue striped socks.
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I'll wear black chucks with jeans, so long as they're nice and worn. I can't stand new chucks. People have discussed socks here before. Me, I never wear white socks unless I'm actually doing something athletic. With jeans, generally solid color, dark cotton socks - but not black. I don't pay any attention to whether they match.
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Black Chucks are the exception, of course. I usually wear boing blue, beige or brown ribbed casual cotton socks. Do like the idea of fun socks, but what can I say, they are more difficult to find at Filene's Basement for $2 a pair.
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