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The R90S is a great bike, but a little too much ornamentation for me. Plus, any newer than the /5 and you start to lose things like the speedo in the headlight can, and you start to approach weird 80's designs. Great Vespa m@t. I always lust after the perfectly restored Vespas from Viet Nam that are often up on Ebay Motors.
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she is at least 40% prettier than the pics here. Bumped into her the other night actually. Really gorgeous girl.
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Originally Posted by m@T View Post
Bumped into her the other night

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The older BMW's are fun (airhead's their called) I owned one a while ago. Easy to work on. One of thoes modern Ducati retro bikes cool. I like Triumph's retro bikes, but they cost way more then they are worth. There about $10K now for what about 5 years ago (the exact same bike) they were asking $5K I like the Honda R1 style bikes, but everybody's got one, and that kinda takes some of the fun away from having one. I'd go with a Ducati. Or if Norton ever comes out with a bike again I'd get there new Commando.
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I too am getting the bug again, I sold my ninja a couple of years ago, but my gf's dad rides all the time (harley guy) and I know I am going to ride with thim and want my own bike again. I am not a fan of naked bikes. Nor am I am big crusier fan. For my tastes, I like either wicked exotic sport bikes, or something along the lines of the Exile Customs, or even the new harley nightrod
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This is not a "monster" but my BEAST.
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Nice bike. You should check out this active thread as this one has been dormant for quite a while.
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me too,I really like the Sport Classics such as yours but I just couldn't go any distance with those ergonomics.thanks


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