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Denim sportscoats

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I like the look of denim sportscoats, but I'm having trouble finding any.  I saw an affordable DKNY coat in a magazine recently, but haven't been able to track it down.  Does anyone know where I could find it, or something similar? Thanks.
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A denim sportscoat as in the top half of the ever-popular denim suit, available from CK, Watanabe, Gucci, Y's for men etc? What look do you want to go for? Clean cut, distressed...? --European Interloper
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I recently picked up an Express denim sport coat sample at a store not Express which looks really good. It is semi distressed, but with none of that fake painted on fadedness I'm starting to find appalling, and has some interesting style quirks like the chest pocket sown onto the inside, and cuffs that can be unbutton (bespoke-esque?). A pretty large Express in the area never got them so I don't know if they're going to actually mass produce them or what, but you might want to check in with a local Express/Structure in the future to see if they do have them. I got the sample at the store Gabriels Brothers so you might want to check there too if you have one near by. They also had a sample for a denim blazer too.
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