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Getting Professional Measurements Taken

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Thinking about ordering a shirt from http://www.meinelt-fashion.com/, as the review here seemed good and the Jantzen turnaround is too slow for me. However, I don't have a full set of measurements and would prefer these to be taken professionally. Can I just walk into a local tailor and ask for a set of measurements to be taken? Should I mention that I plan on ordering from an overseas clothier, or is this seen as poor form? Will this service cost money, or will it be done for free on the expectaction that I'll be placing an order? If the latter, should I insist on paying a small fee/tipping? Cheers for any help.
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id vote poor form if the tailor makes shirts himself. if he doesnt - so it is non-competitive - id print out the measurement form and take it and tell him that you dont trust yourself to do it. i know of other forum members who have had seamstresses take their measurements before ordering from Asia. ...and you absolutely should pay for the service.
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Depends on the tailor. Some tailors can't be bothered since they don't consider you to be a customer, but others might be willing.
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You could try going to an alterations shop.
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Do you have a regular dry cleaner that also does alterations? You would already be a customer, and they would be taking care of whatever you purchase...
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