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The market will sort 'em out. No one has to buy anything he thinks is overpriced. Really, though, volume changes everything. Selling in bulk can be a huge hassle. That's why I don't do it more. Run five threads with stuff you've sunk at least $1,000 into and I think you'll see the other perspective. In that case, $150 doesn't seem like that worthwhile an incentive.
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Originally Posted by edmorel View Post
You are assuming that this seller is making less than the others simply because his price is lower. That may or may not be the case. This is not a dig at norcal, we are "virtual" friends but as a seller I have no issue with competition and as a buyer, if I want something and I think the price is fair, I do not care what percentage markup the seller is getting. Capping seller profits will lead to less, not more, merchandise being offered. Obviously as a seller I am biased but keep in mind that I have also purchased from pretty much every regular seller here, even when I may have had access to the same item. If people want to sell at cost or at 10x cost, that is their business, the market will dictate what a fair price is.

very well said.. I always gnash my teeth when I hear people implying that since they saw this piece or that pair of shoes for $XXX at Nordstrom Rack or Filene's, the seller should only be making $XX on the transaction.

This isn't the regulated utility business here folks, the market will do a good job of making sure the price is "fair" from the perspective of the buyer.
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As a new seller, I realized that in general the items on this forum sell for a bit less than say eBay, esp. when most prices include shipping to at least conus. And I agree with Doc that selling can be a lot of hassle.

Don't want to make it too high sounding, but to me personally, there's something a little more to selling here than just profit margin:
- Overall, I think members are quite knowledgeable about the stuff, so you know you're dealing with similar minds which feels good
- like the interaction, much better than sitting there watching the dead eBay until the final 5 secs
- more in control...price etc., items often move faster which is important

Agree that this community has created a text book typical competitive market where the market regulates itself. So overcharging sellers will be forced to reduce or leave.


Great Zegna, Dolce sweaters at bargain prices
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Originally Posted by DocHolliday View Post
I find the idealism of what you're saying appealing, but think anyone who expects a "pay it forward" mentality in a sales environment is in for disappointment. Ralph doesn't do it for charity, and I don't see why forumites should be expected to do so.

Also, I suspect many of our buyers underestimate how much work is required of selling in bulk. Our regular sellers, like Ed, put far more work into shopping and buying and photographing and shipping than do the guys who sell an item here and there from their closets. I'm a small-time seller myself, but I don't do it for free, and wouldn't do it at all if I didn't find it financially worthwhile. Suggesting that I can return stuff is nice in theory, but that's only feasible if I sell an item or two at a time. I don't want to be the guy walking in with 20 returns. Yet everyone loves the sales extravaganzas.

These conversations often focus on how sellers aren't doing what's best for their fellow forumites, but I don't see anyone suggesting that all buyers should have to pass along good deals to partake of the good deals. It's often a case of "I deserve to benefit from your time and effort, and I should get to tell you what you should get for it, even if I can't be bothered myself."

Wise words that deserve requoting. People who have never sold don't understand how much work and time goes into it- shopping, photographing well, measuring, handling PM's, dealing with paypal, waiting at the post office- in addition to how much money you spend on incidentals such as gas, packing supplies, etc. A seller has a right to offer an item at whatever price he feels makes it worthwhile for him to sell the item in the first place. The bottom line is that the seller can offer an item that the buyer would otherwise not have access to at that price, even if the seller paid 10% of retail and is asking for 30%. After all, it is the seller who found the bargain in the first place; what right does the buyer have to say the seller should not profit from that stroke of fortune?
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