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Tie not long enough to go through loop

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When I use a windsor knot, the short end only goes about halfway down, and can't reach the loop. Is it ok if there's just that little thing in the back hanging down? Should I just save this knot for longer ties and use a different knot for now?
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You might not want to use that knot, however if you do, then just tuck the smaller part into your shirt. Just don't leave it hanging or else you'll look dishelveled.
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If the tie is that short when you use a Windsor knot, I'd either stick with the ol' four-in-hand or find a shorter guy with a smaller neck to whom you can donate the tie. You should be able to make a choice about how to knot your tie based on other factors, such as the formality of the occasion and outfit, the spread of your shirt collar, and the weight of the tie. If you have to fudge the knot to make the length fall properly, it's probably the wrong size tie for you.
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Parlayin: Most mainstream tie manufacturer/designers don't make ties long enough for windsors, because the knot is supposedly out of fashion, but more likely because of economics. On my last trip to NYC, I met a custom guy named Mark Christopher who does all of his 3" longer so one can tie a Windsor. Very nice British silk- have one myself. $65- a steal for the quality.
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I have a friend who is a considerably tall fellow. He has this problem often. Usually, he just pins the free-hanging part of the tie to the wider portion. It works for him. Tucking it into your shirt is also a good option. You may just need a longer tie. Then again, if they fall the right length with another knot, try tying those knots more often.
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Have you considered buying extra long ties? If you're going to use a Full Windsor knot,a longer tie might solve not being able to thread the tie after knotting. Another option is to use a tiepin or tiebar to secure the shorter end to the tie,so that it doesn't swing free and look sloppy.Some people avoid tiepins because they can leave a mark when penetrating the front part of the necktie.In that case,a tiebar may be a better choice.
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