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Jeff Rose polo shirts

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I was browsing the Sierra Trading Post website looking for polo shirts and saw some beautiful ones by Jeff Rose, made in Italy. I have never heard of this brand. They are $40, with a listed price of $155. Does anyone know anything about this brand? I am thinking of buying a couple of these shirts.
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There was a recent thread about Jeff Rose (try a search). General opinion was quite positive. It's a higher end sportswear brand similar to Bobby Jones often marketed in country/golf clubs. Apparently Rose was a designer for B.J. at one time. I picked up a couple of pairs of J. Rose cotton trousers from STP, and they seem quite nice. I looked seriously at the polos, too, but really needed trousers more at the time. I think they'd be a good deal, especially if you get a discount code.
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There was a thread about them not too long ago that I contributed to but for some reason I can't find it. They are excellent shirts, very lightweight and silky.
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Thanks, this forum is great. That's how I found out about STP and it's really helpful to get opinions from others before buying something over the internet. I don't have a discount code for STP. How do people get them?
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They are beautiful.  But get the ones that STP says retail for $75.  They are actually $155 shirts as well, but I think the patterns are a lot, lot more flattering than the "fancy weave" ones that STP says retail for $155.   Some of the shirts on STP are unfortunately in "assorted lots," so on a few of the colors you'll just get a random shirt (STP will give you take care of you if you get a screwed up order).  I ordered the light lavender stripe and love it. EDIT: Just saw the new batch of Jeff Rose "two-tones." Those are gorgeous as well.
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I just received 2 Jeff Rose polos from STP last week. I also have a couple of Bobby Jones shirts. The Jeff Rose shirts are a lot nicer than Bobby Jones' shirts. They're the nicest polos I own with the exception of an Avon Celli I have. Order them with confidence. They do run large though. I wear a small in Bobby Jones and have mediums in Jeff Rose. I could actually wear a small though.
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I agree, YMark. The Jeff Rose shirts are just a shade nicer than the Bobby Jones, and I think the fit is a bit better too -- they don't run as baggy. I wear a 39 or 40R suit these days, and I find that the Medium Jeff Rose shirts fit me fine -- not too tight, but not too baggy. Order down if you want a slim fit, but if you want them to play golf in, they run true (and I dislike playing golf in baggy shirts).
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