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Your opinion

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Here is my thought for what to wear to prom.... i have a skinny black suit... a white french collared dress shirt.... skinny black tie.... and maybe a pair of black converse low tops... or dress shoes dont know tell me what you guys think
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is this a joke?
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Why its my high school prom i am open to suggestions
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Uh, dress shoes. Or maybe a pair of Reebok golf shoes with the spikes removed.
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I was going to go for the indie rocker look but whatever...
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Watch out guys, I'm closer to his age, let me talk to him. omg yeah emo is ... did you go to the dashboard concert omg chris carrabba is so keeewwl...1 im gonna write about it in my blog....
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ok...... i guess i wont ask a question ever again....sry
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If you want to wear Converse to your prom, go for it. Just remember that you will want to look back at your prom pictures at some point later in your life. While everyone usually looks a little funny at prom (most 17-18 year olds have little experience with formal wear and the rental places take advantage of this fact.), you don't want to look so out of place that your kids (or wife) will laugh at you. Just my 2 cents
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thanks weeks.... nice reply
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The suit sounds alright, but I'd reconsider the shoes. Wear them if you want, but you'll probably look back and think you looked like a dope in a few years. I just went to my sister's grand march (don't know if everybody has grand march or not) and there were a couple kids wearing sneakers, ball caps, etc., and I thought it was about the goofiest thing I'd ever seen (I'm only three years out of high school). That attitude is due in no small part to lurking this board, though.
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Wear the dress shoes... Bradford
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This depends on whether you are slim enough to carry this sort of look off. I suspect not every teenager wants to wear a formal peak-lapel tuxedo, and pumps with bows on them, and of course that should be perfectly fine. But I do agree that the dress shoes would place much better with what you have described which is an essentialy monochromatic ensemble. However what type of shoes are they? If they are those squared toed things then there is the nagging inlcination to go with the Converse shoes if not blasphemous to some members here.
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Honestly, does anyone think they're being cute or original with the "Chucks and a tux." thing? I thought that whole thing was played out a decade ago, but I went to my girlfriend's senior prom this past year, and there they were... I'd advise you to avoid "looks" in general, particularly when the look is as nebulous and inherently phony as "indie rocker."
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