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Jean waist size discrepancy

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why is it so hard for jean companies to make waist sizes the actual tagged size so there'd be no guessing to how big something is in real life, irregardless if it's shrink-to-fit, preshrunk, or sanforized?
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it's a good question. I figure maybe to make it harder for eBay sellers, knock-offs, fakes that way you better buy directly in the stores from the authorized sellers
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Actually I can understand when jean companies make the actual waist sizes bigger than the tagged size in their low waist model. If those jeans are true to size, we probably have a buy bigger size to get the right fit. But for jeans with a mid-rise, I just don't understand the rationale behind. I think maybe there is some truth in one of Seinfeld's episode, some people like to comfort themselves in thinking they can still fit into jeans with a smaller tagged size.
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Vanity sizing. Poor quality control. People have different tastes as to how pants should fit. Take your pick.
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ive noticed significant discrepancies even on the same cut of jean from the same designer. i try on 10 pair of diesels of the same size at the store before deciding which one i want. im somewhere between a 28 and 29 in their zathan or zaf, so it takes me a while to find the right fit. each pair is unique, i guess. but i think between brands the discrepancy is more of where the designer descides to make his measurement. the rise varies a great deal, so i dont think its even possible to standardize the measurement of the waist on jeans.
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A great new jean company for men is J & company. They do some great stuff.
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