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Like this?

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What kind of problems would I get with the mini dachshund? I dont think I will go for the great dane.
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Spinal abnormalities due to the inability of the shortened fore and rear legs to carry and protect the dog properly. Skeleton of normal canine: Miniature Dachshund: Eyes issues also. Dachshunds are stubborn dogs that are tougher than they look (not sure about minis). The wire-hairs in particular. Some hunting Dachshunds. Sorry, I couldn't be more help. lefty
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Just had to put my dog Iggy to sleep this morning. I dont usually make personal posts on anonymous forums, but it's pretty goddamn sad and I thought this thread would be an appropriate place to memorialize it. Anyway, just want to vent a little. Thanks.
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Sorry to hear that. Do you have a pic?

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Originally Posted by lefty View Post
Sorry to hear that. Do you have a pic? lefty
Thanks lefty. Here's a few
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Great looking dog. Sorry to hear of this, especially at such a young age.
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Nice looking dog. Pumpkin shot is pretty cool.

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Iggy was a fine-looking dog. What was he--Dane? In a couple of the shots, he almost looks like he could be a Tosa.
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Originally Posted by dcg View Post
Great looking dog. Sorry to hear of this, especially at such a young age.
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Thanks guys. She was an english mastiff, but she was a rescue from a backyard breeder, so it is likely she was not purebred. She was about 130 lbs; small for an eng mastiff.

Anyway, we had her for about 3 yrs and all of a sudden she couldnt walk one day. Went to the vet school and they did an MRI, spinal tap, etc and she had developed lesions in her brain. They said it was an autoimmune disorder that would just progress. We tried a few different treatments and she got a little better for awhile, but then took a bad turn for the worse - couldnt stand up on her own, trouble eating and breathing- and we just knew it wasnt fair to her to let her keep going like that.

Thanks for the words. She left a big hole in our hearts.
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^Although it's an overworked expression, I do feel your pain, believe me, I do. The mastiff breeds in general are so short-lived--and they are such great dogs, usually--that it just tears your heart out. I speak from a lot of very painful experience. I wouldn't have gotten another Tosa had my present pup not been offered me as a gift (more or less). I just wonder how long he'll last.
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My parents have an English Mastiff. She is so sweet. She is about 5 now and already on the downhill slope.
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The bottom line is that dogs are not meant to be that large and to keep them that size you have to do some questionable breeding. Something has to give.

The AKC accepted the Cane Corso for full registration yesterday. This was something a number of people have been fighting over the past ten years, but money won out. The Corso is a mess in the US and I doubt this will make anything better.


This is an interesting comparison of all the GSD variations out there - a few I didn't know. Well worth a look if you're considering a GSD.


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Well, so the AKC "found" the Cane Corso. Nice job, Michael Sottile! And of course, they go on about the Cane as the "ancient Roman wardog." A lot of the Cane Corsos I've know were so genetically shy they'd probably bolt and run if you so much as shouted and shook a spear at them (if they weren't too dysplastic to run)!
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