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Originally Posted by Find Finn View Post

Never been, so wouldn't know. It's required by law, if I want to bring my dog to another country, which I do 4+ times a year.

There's other that can be infectious, if they smell another dogs poop like Giardia.

My dog gets rabies, parvo, Hepatitis, leptospirosis, distemper, paraflue and kennel cough.


Do a blood titer test on your dog and you'll be surprised on how much antibody he carries, rabies included. Most vets are putting dogs on a three year protocol.



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They have a fixed schedule, so he doesn't get everything every year.
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You can do at home titers with a swab these days. Most counties will take them. In general, a dog should carry a high enough titer to parvo to never need a shot after year one, and likewise with rabies.

We do knuckle bones and lamb femurs. I don't like the marrow bones because it is just about the fat and not chewing the bone. He will chew a knuckle bone for hours, probably until he passes out. The bone shits the next day are hilarious too. You don't get bone shits from marrow bones.
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It's #NationalDogDay today
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Originally Posted by rnoldh View Post

It's #NationalDogDay today

who scheduled NationalDogDay on WomensEqualityDay? My facebook feed was full of awesome dog pictures, and then the one feminist pretending to flex her muscles. Kind of hilarious.
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Someone very very very wise.
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