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going on day 3, and it's been awesome. Her leash manners are really great, minimal pulling, no leash grabbing, takes well to directions, sits when i tell her to, etc. She'll be easy to train, and it helps that she's already very confident.

She's currently in a 10 or 14 day "easy" period. Our walks are no more than 30 minutes 3 or 4 times a day, she's in her crate mid day, at night, and when we eat dinner. She also eats in her crate. She certainly doth protest, but it was recommended that we take these steps to help her acclimate. Do I think she'll need all 14 days? Unlikely, we can tell she's adjusting quickly and without a problem, but for the time being, it's what we're doing.

She loves to chew on her new bone, and i can take it from her mouth without problems. We're going to keep training her that guarding bones isn't cool.

at night, when she quiets down (oh, another point, she isn't barky), she'll curl right into you on the couch. Super friendly to people and other dogs. The only thing she needs is good leadership and direction, and so far she has responded really well to it.

this was her mid July:

we visited her at the shelter and thought she was great, so the rescue we were working with took her in (they were going to take her regardless since she had the highest "scores" or whatever on her behavior tests). Then she spent some time with a foster who helped her recover from kennel cough and helped her put on some weight. She just had puppies and then was dumped (presumably dumped, I can't imagine her as one to run away from her pups). Her skin is getting better and some of her scars are healing up nicely. She's a great dog.

How do you go about training her that guarding the bones isn't cool?
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How severe is your problem?



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As our trainer says "with these kinds of breeds (mals and cattle dogs) counter conditioning is basically a lifestyle." I've not had a problem with Norbert, but unless he takes his bone and moves closer to me when he chews it, I continue to counter condition. I don't want to see him take it to "his" place unless I send him there with it. Most breeds are a lot easier, though.

Counter conditioning is fun, though, as long as you are early. Turn yourself into pavlovs bell and you'll be able to grab that chicken bone out of his mouth when you have to.
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Originally Posted by lefty View Post

How severe is your problem?


I have a small min pin, she growls and will try to bite.
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So we moved north a few months ago, to about 125 miles North of the Bay Area onto a 140 acre ranch. Naturally the dog loves it but has been hanging close. In fact she jumps in the car any chance she gets, I figure it is the most familiar thing for here, sort of a giant security blanket.

But in the last few weeks she has started to "spread her wings" a bit. The other night she was gone all night, only showing up around eight in the morning all tore up and tired. One claw is chewed up and oozing a bit, I cleaned it and will see how it goes.
Most nights she barks at all and sundry. I'm not sure what is out there, we joke that it's chipmunks, but there is a bear up here, lions, foxes, deer rabbits bobcats, really a menagerie.

And she has managed to come home stumbling fucked up too. Unsteady on her feet to the point of falling over. I induced vomiting as best I could and called a vet. The only one I could talk to figured it was weed (entirely likely in these parts) and that she would come through OK. She did after some lovely bile vomit and half a days rest.

All in all its fun times for a dog.
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I'm running out for the weekend, but this could be a lot of things. Assuming it's not too severe and she's just being an asshole, the first thing I would say is no more free meals. From here on she has to work for every bit of food, exercise and play item. Food and play are the two greatest opportunities you have to train and you can use them to teach or modify behavior. Most dogs will firewalk for food.


Make her meals come out of your hand in different amounts, taken and given at your whim. Start small for easy OB (a sit, down, stay) and work up from there. This will require some effort on your part, but should be relatively easy to fix.


Severe aggression will require a trainer.



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Norbert hasn't had a piece of food that he didn't work for other than in conditioning things. Helps with focus too.
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Why do you people get an animal and then try to control it and negate its animal instincts?


What is the point?

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it's hard to get more instinctual than "follow the leader"
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The animal instinct of dogs is pretty unclear and hotly debated. Most of the newer research disproves a lot of the old wolf based, alpha, pack structure thinking, and that has greatly changed the way dogs have been trained over more recent times. Different dogs have been bred for such different things that to claim that they all have a basic "dog instinct" is silly.
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So, Norbert is working on his send aways and recalls over jumps. I swear he would do it just for the chance to jump. When we go out for a hike, the first thing he does out the door is run to his jump, then again when he gets out of the car, no matter how far he has gone.

Also, I know I am biased, but he is gorgeous.
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