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We have seen red foxes increase in numbers also, unfortunately coyotes too. In the arrowhead region there are a large number of red foxes which considering the habit is mainly forest is a bit surprising it used to be grey fox habit. Very few coyotes there but the wolves are out of control and the two do not coexist well.


Hunting grouse in the fall always makes me a little nervous with the Toller. The Nova Scotia Duck Toller was breed to look like a red fox and mine does even to the white tip on the tail. To me there is a world of difference but to many others that are not used to seeing foxes....



Come November the open prairie of South Dakota makes me feel much safer with him in the field chasing pheasants.

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Originally Posted by JLibourel View Post

Were they red or gray foxes? Red foxes were quite common in my neighborhood in East Long Beach about 13 years ago but rather quickly vanished. My first thought was that the city surreptitiously exterminated them because they were exotics (descended from escaped or released pets) and are a terrible threat to the abundant bird life of the area. I now more inclined to believe they were wiped out by the coyotes.

Gray. We have a ton of them up here. Our cattle dog isn't phased by anything smaller than a lamb, so it took him a long while to notice.
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^In much of the country, wildlife is much more abundant than formerly, for various reasons.
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Originally Posted by JLibourel View Post

^In much of the country, wildlife is much more abundant than formerly, for various reasons.

People used to feed a lot more on the land as a necessity..

My uncle used to poach a lot...

Trouts, rabbits, pheasants and many other things..

That was that or close to nothing to eat..
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A few pictures from the Boundary Water Canoe Area Wilderness Area in February of this year. No motor vehicles allowed including snowmobiles so dogsled team is a good way to get around. No bugs that time of year either...


The deer are not used to seeing people and while are not tame, they are curious about humans more times than not. This guy was looking in the window of the cabin and just as I grabbed the camera to take a picture the dog jumped up to see what I was looking at. They stared at each other for a few seconds then all hell broke loose.


That much snow and cold is rough on the deer though. A lone wolf took one down outside the cabin just after dark one night. 


The pack showed up around 2:30AM to help finish it off. -32 F for 20 min. was enough for both me and the camera though. No need for me to post pictures of that but was interesting to me that I noticed for the first time wolves eat starting from the belly where as coyotes and foxes start at the anal cavity. Wolves may have been the beginning of the dog as we know it today but there is still a big difference between them and the rest of the canines.

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Not having a chicken coop all foxes are safe from me.

I know I've said it before, but the Toller is a cool dog.

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our new one came home tonight.
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Today, 8-26-14, was National Dog Day
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Originally Posted by gomestar View Post

our new one came home tonight.

here she is:

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Very nice. How old is she?
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3. They think.
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Nice. Good looking dog.
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going on day 3, and it's been awesome. Her leash manners are really great, minimal pulling, no leash grabbing, takes well to directions, sits when i tell her to, etc. She'll be easy to train, and it helps that she's already very confident.

She's currently in a 10 or 14 day "easy" period. Our walks are no more than 30 minutes 3 or 4 times a day, she's in her crate mid day, at night, and when we eat dinner. She also eats in her crate. She certainly doth protest, but it was recommended that we take these steps to help her acclimate. Do I think she'll need all 14 days? Unlikely, we can tell she's adjusting quickly and without a problem, but for the time being, it's what we're doing.

She loves to chew on her new bone, and i can take it from her mouth without problems. We're going to keep training her that guarding bones isn't cool.

at night, when she quiets down (oh, another point, she isn't barky), she'll curl right into you on the couch. Super friendly to people and other dogs. The only thing she needs is good leadership and direction, and so far she has responded really well to it.

this was her mid July:

we visited her at the shelter and thought she was great, so the rescue we were working with took her in (they were going to take her regardless since she had the highest "scores" or whatever on her behavior tests). Then she spent some time with a foster who helped her recover from kennel cough and helped her put on some weight. She just had puppies and then was dumped (presumably dumped, I can't imagine her as one to run away from her pups). Her skin is getting better and some of her scars are healing up nicely. She's a great dog.
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Like that big purple spongy chew toy you picked up for her.



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the bird chair? She's not allowed on that, not that she'd know WTF to do.

she's also not allowed in the kitchen, a rule she follows when i'm in there, but has been seen walking through when I'm in other rooms.
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