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Nice. Like to see their website.


Been rat hunting a number of times now. They are fast little bastards and get away more often that not. I'm sure you know this but don't tell anyone outside the club that you're doing a barn hunt. Only a matter of time before the Sabs hit SF.



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I met my dogs nephew today and apparently there's another one in the area as well. smile.gif
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My 14 year old not so chocolate nut Bella

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Originally Posted by lefty View Post

Norbert Weiner?

Haven't thought of The FFFB in years. I met Gilbert Shelton when I worked on Comic Book Confidential. Cool cat. As were Spiegelman, Crumb, Griffith - the guy I really wanted to meet was Pekar, but couldn't make it happen.


I was actually thinking of Norbert the Narc, the FFFB's arch nemesis.
Back in the 90's I allegedly used to provide one of the rip-off Press guys with his California Herbal Refreshment and he invited me to their annual hoe-down. I was too cool for school at the time and begged out but in hindsight it probably would have been fun to meet some of those guys.
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It's well north. You don't have to hate it.

That's my hood.
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