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Had to google the bully, those are some ugly dogs
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Mac and Dixie look like pretty fine dogs. Mean Machine actually looks pretty fit for such a brute as well.
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Yeah. Here's a good example of an early hybrid. Johnson on top, Scott (via Margentina) on bottom


White Fang




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A little digging about on AB's and it seems all roads lead (or claim to lead) to Alan Scott. I can't speak to the "true Billdogness" of the hybrid but here is a interesting looking variant. I particularly like the 2nd down, Konfederate's Crow.

Pics won't seem to post but here is the link:
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I wouldn't say that's completely accurate. If anything you could say that Johnson was the source of what we know today as the AB as he brought much attention to the breed and wrote the first standard. Alan Scott was very important (for a while "Standard" dogs were referred to as "Scott" dogs), but there were a lot of guys breeding similar type of dogs.


Those black dogs were originally bred by John Lichthardt, a large scale pig farmer and geneticist, as a test and a gimmick.


And then there are the White English guys who believe they have the original and only bulldog and it has nothing to do with the ABs.


The other thing is that at the time ABs became popular ('80s - '90s) the guys involved at the time all hated each other and lied about pedigrees. It was a clusterfuck and you never knew what you had unless you bred it.  



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Yeah, I just meant that the three or four kennels I looked at all mention that one of their core dogs came from Scott, including Konfederate Kennels that has the Black variant. I ggogled his name and the first several hits were breeders that mentioned his name.

In the history he posted, he mentions other original breeders. There's also an interesting interview where they talk about the misinformation and lies concerning who bred and worked with who.

Also, germane to nothing but the name, the first openly gay super hero in the DC universe is called Alan Scott, he is the original Green Lantern.
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He was important without a doubt. And a straight-up guy.


I think I mentioned it in this thread, but because Johnson has died everyone assumed that Scott was dead. What no one knew was the Scott was half Johnson's age and doing quite well. Someone finally "found" him and after that he enjoyed a brief moment in the sun as "The Alan Scott" and started judging.



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Originally Posted by Find Finn View Post

Had to google the bully, those are some ugly dogs

My neighbor has one. My rescued mutt kicked its ass a few months back when.
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Did it get better looking?
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No but it doesn't bark as much anymore, now that it knows who the boss dog is.
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Went to a local pet store with my daughter and now she has her heart set on a Shiba Inu puppy for xmas.
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Originally Posted by munchausen View Post

Went to a local pet store with my daughter and now she has her heart set on a Shiba Inu puppy for xmas.

^those dogs are cool but weird. I've seen about 3 of them that will have fake injuries during play (like when chasing another dog) then do that "shiba squeal" roll around and wallow (like a european soccer star) and the whole dog park thinks that a dog was severely injured, only the shiba shakes it off and trots off a 30 seconds later.
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No Bad Dogs?

Yesterday I was out with Cyrus, and I saw that some sort of canine event was going to be held in a nearby park popular for such purposes. I inquired about the nature of the event, and he said it was a German Shepherd rescue group. I politely remarked that if you got a good GSD, you got a great dog. I do believe this, but I have met many German Shepherds that were not "good," much less "great." He said they're all good, it's just how they're raised and trained. I have heard this point of view many a time before. I emphatically disagree. I believe some dogs are just plain bad--born that way and incorrigible. Most trainers I have discussed this with have stated that about three to five percent of all dogs they encounter are just incorrigibly bad. My own inclination would be to place the percentage somewhat higher, but that's beside the point.

Briefly, I consider it sappy and naive to believe that all dogs are born with angelic temperaments until they have been corrupted by some fiendish human. Anybody else have any views about this?

One common corollary I encounter is that Pit Bulls are only made "mean," i.e., dog-aggressive, by evil dog fighters. If Pit Bulls are anything like Tosas in this regard--and I'm sure they are--I can testify from extensive personal experience that this is arrant nonsense.
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No creature is a blank slate. One of mine is half pit bull and while she's gentle with people, she has a strong desire to tear the face off any strange dog that comes anywhere near the house. I haven't trained her to behave that way. The other dog that I raised her with (boxer) doesn't act that way in the least. It's just in her nature.
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Originally Posted by zarathustra View Post

Having recently moved and having infinitely more space inside and out, I have been thinking about getting another dog. We currently have a English Cocker Spaniel. I love the breed and would have no qualms about getting another. However, I have been looking at bigger dogs recently, like a Gordon Setter. The ones I have met and spent time with were all great dogs. The breed profile seems to really compliment the Engie we have now and provides other important characteristics.

Anyone have any experience with them?

Unfortunately, the SO is not so keen on getting an 70-80 pound dog Gordon Setter). When combined with the fact that the breed can have a jealous streak of other animals (my ECS and my rabbit), she has all but put her foot down on the Gordon Setter. Hrrumph.

Enter the Welsh Springer Spaniel.

I have had the opportunity to meet and work with a lot of dogs, but never a Welshie. We bumped into a potential opportunity for a Welsh Springer Spaniel raised the SO's intrigue as a compromise. Seem to be very similar to my ECS in temperament, but seemingly a bit more headstrong. Lower energy from what I have been told than an English Springer. (My ECS breeder swears against most of the ESS as having significant temperament problems--- at least in the show dogs segment). Talked with several breeders, but was just curious as to whether anyone has any experience with them at all.

And can't leave without the gratuitous Albert pictures:

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