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she's fat right now, and her neck width is almost the width of her face, and she always seems just on the edge of pulling off her collar. she's very hound-like when walking, always sniffing, and I'm afraid she's going to bolt after a squirrel or something and slip her collar. she's decent on a leash, but it can sometimes be a struggle to get her outside when she'd rather keep sleeping on our couch.
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here's another shot:

she was billed as a beagle/basset mix, but the more time I spend with her, I think she's just an undersized pure beagle

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I'd agree.  Looks pretty Beagley to me and not very Bassety.  My little sister just rescued a beagle (Below) and one of my friends has had many Bassets.








When I adopted my dog at 7 weeks they had her listed as Lab/rott, Looked like a pure Rott as a puppy, now that she has matured I am convinced she is Lab/Shepherd, maybe Rott also.  I met her mother when I adopted her, and she was also a mix.  Personality wise my dog is all shepherd, which reinforces my suspicions.


Either way, You've got a great dog and its breed combination doesn't really matter.  That's why I don't bother to get the DNA test kit for mine.  Also, I've heard of people getting two different results from 2 different dog DNA testing companies.

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Pic of my Dad's dog literally sucking its thumb.


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she's very sweet. I don't think she's ever been in a city before -- walks are a little nervewracking for her, but I'm sure she'll get used to it. She's not so much afraid as .. cautious.
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...a little late on the winter/snow theme....but my dog loves the snow- he will sit outside for hours and just chill...pardon the pun...he will even curl up and sleep when it snows like a sled dog- funny to see him with an inch of snow covering him.

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had our vet stop by and check her out. she's in good health, although he had to express her anal gland (yuck frown.gif) and we're gonna have to get her teeth cleaned. how much have you all paid for teeth cleaning?
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What do you mean teeth cleaning?  Like more than just a brushing?  I got an extra soft bristle brush and C.E.T. Enzyme based dog toothpaste (vanilla mint) and I do it myself.  She doesn't like having it done, but I've heard it can add years to a dog's life.


The toothpaste also comes in chicken and beef flavor, but that seems gross to me.

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My dog gets something called plaque of in his food and his teeth brushed with a finger sock brush thing with some chicken flavored toothpaste, which stinks, but he loves it and licks it of the brush faster than I can brush his teeth. facepalm.gif
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So far so good with my girl and her dog allergies. A combo of allergy therapy and allegra and she hasn't sneezed in days.
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Originally Posted by Bakes11771 View Post

What do you mean teeth cleaning?.

He probably is referring a more thorough cleaning done by the vet whilst the pooch is under anesthesia.
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Originally Posted by Thor View Post

He probably is referring a more thorough cleaning done by the vet whilst the pooch is under anesthesia.

yes, this. vet quoted me $250
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Originally Posted by Teger View Post

yes, this. vet quoted me $250

Sounds about right.

My dog is really afraid of fireworks, so I bought some Zylkene for him and he is completely turned of and sleeps through anything. smile.gif
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These snow pics are making me wish I had time to head up north. We were sunny with a breeze yesterday in Fla -

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just got back from the dog run. McCarren was a disaster zone (because of the semi-frozen puddles galore + semi frozen mud pits). So I had the bright idea to go to Cooper.... which has probably the most responsible dog owners in this part of Brooklyn.....

then this happened:

the funny part was my puppy didn't give a shit and wanted to keep on playing. he even ran away from anyone trying to catch him so he could keep on running/playing with the other dogs.

its actually probably going to end up being a cool flesh wound anyway. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

it did bleed like a bitch though. we got to the house and he started rolling around on the white carpets/white walls and flopping his head around spraying blood everywhere. I took him into the shower with me and cleaned him up. I was considering maybe tying to suture it closed... but again its:

we just got back from a road trip from florida and they had this kick ass dog beach called Walton Rocks about 40mins outside of Vero Beach.

I think my dog ran around for a good two hours with the other dogs.

Florida in general had some awesome dog runs. Even far off places like Key West had a huge dog run where my dog played for hours.

I brought bikes on a roof rack and tried out my dog carrier for the first time in Key West:

it was great because the island is so small you can bike everywhere (as many of the natives do).
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