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All I know is that the days immediately following when we put her to sleep are going to feature al to of cheap moscato.
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Teger, I don't always follow this thread daily, so I didn't know of your recent news and dilemma until just now. My thoughts are sincerely with you and your girlfriend, and of course your pup.

I've had to make decisions about two dogs and in each case, as Jan stated, I knew when it was time. In a real sense, the dogs gave clear signals to let me know. Appreciate and enjoy the remaining time you have with her.

I found that getting another dog shortly after my last one passed away - a German Shepherd - helped to relieve me of the grief and loneliness. My dog was put to sleep in June 2006, and I picked up my new pup a couple of months later in August. Although to this day I still am often reminded of my German Shepherd and miss her dearly, I have found enormous comfort and joy in my current dog. I'm glad both have been part of my life.

Again, all the best to you and your pup.
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I put my dog on a diet 3 weeks ago, he started out at 11,4kg, today he is 11kg.
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unfortunately things have taken a turn for the worse and we'll be putting her down tonight. thanks everyone for your support and advice through this whole experience.

- ben
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So tough and so sad. Getting another pet when you're ready does help.
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Very sorry to hear this, Teger. We love our dogs so much, and they have such a hold on our hearts that it's hard for us to keep their loss in perspective: They are often born 12 to a litter and don't live very long under the best of circumstances.

I hope your decision to pursue treatment rather than palliative care didn't cost you too much. At least you have the consolation that you did everything you could for her.

When you have grieved your loss sufficiently, then start thinking about another dog, if that's what you want.

I had some very odd reactions after having a couple of my dogs put down. I couldn't eat any meat for about a week, and I couldn't stand listening to any music except soothing classical music.
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Damn that sucks, I feel for you.
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Teger, my thoughts are with you.
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it's done. heartbroken, but at least she's not suffering anymore. thank you again for all the kind words. i think I'm going to go drink and cry for a week.
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Originally Posted by Teger View Post

it's done. heartbroken, but at least she's not suffering anymore. thank you again for all the kind words. i think I'm going to go drink and cry for a week.

My sincerest condolences, she fought the good fight.
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Sorry, man.



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Sorry Tegar.
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I'm sorry for the loss Teger, never is easy. No hurry on getting another dog and you will know when the time is right. There are a lot more dogs out there needing a home than there are good dog owners like you.


We had a beagle springer mix that was the family dog for 17 years, a rescue dog that the wife picked up when we lived in Asheville NC. She was basically a beagle in personality though. About 4 years ago my wife of 25 years decided to leave us to go find herself. Soon after that the dog quit chasing bunnies so I thought she was just heartbroken. I always built brush piles so that she had plenty of rabbits to chase. But then she started to loose control of the bladder and bowels, when I got home from work at night she would look at me with eyes almost pleading for something. It was just an overall shitty time in my life, nothing could go right. After a month I finally took her to the vet knowing what was going to happen and that she had cancer. And still cried like a baby. When I got home my oldest son asked for her collar which I gave to him. He moved out about 6 months ago and lives with his girlfriend and they have the collar on the TV stand. Every time I visit them I think of the old girl at the end with the pleading eyes, not the rabbit chasing baying dog she was most of her life. When my father was getting to the end of his fight with cancer he told me he didn't want me to see him any more, for that very reason. He may not have been an educated man but he was a very smart man. 


I'll have a drink for you tonight.

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Sorry for your loss Teger, you did the right thing.

@Cold Iron, thats a heart breaking story.
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Condolences, Teger. You did the right thing, though.
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