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Originally Posted by IronRock View Post

That's sad stuff. Really sad.


It was. As is the guy that was trading the family dog away for gold. Seems to be removed now.


Family dog saves toddler:



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Do Whippets really like to watch TV?
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Chinese dye dogs to resemble other animals.







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Guy is fishing in a kayak when a dog swims up to him.



Bit of a sad story:



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Horrible story.
Glad this guy took care of Barney heartly.
My thoughts to his family and hopefully his paw will heal entirely.

Owners of Border Terriers around here?
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I agree; finding a place to let your dog run free with no leash is extremely difficult. I live near Houston. My dog's favorite thing to do is go exploring. Her mom was pure Great Pyrenese and her dad some sort of lab the humane society said. 


She comes when called and does not care to socialize with other dogs or people but will tolerate them when necessary. She just wants to keep exploring. She has to be in the lead but will look back and wait for us if we can't keep up. If the kids & I turn around without her knowledge & walk the other way, we can hear her clumpity clump as she runs frantically to get in front(I guess to protect us from whatever danger lurks ahead.) I used to live in The Woodlands & we could find hidden undeveloped forest type areas here & there for her to explore, chase bunnies, squirrels, and even get scared out of her wits by deer grazing along a stream. It almost became a ritual after picking the kids up from school to take her exploring and was a good way for the kids to unwind and just talk about nothing which is really something to witness when you're a parent. 


Now I'm divorced, the kids drive themselves to school, & I live near Sugarland. The only places I've found to let her run free is along ditches here & there. No people around usually. She did fall in once though. The brush was overgrown & she mis-judged where the water began. I had to go in & get her. She hates water. Her days are numbered now. Started having seizures(even though only 8 yrs old.) Takes phenobarb & valium. I'm curious if that new flea/heartworm combo Trifexis was a factor. She had just changed to that med after taking Heartguard & Comfortis for years.                                                                                                                          .

Oh, and she is VERY stylish  ; )   Darla.jpg  

Dogs have to be on a leash wherever you go which I understand. Dog parks are boring for dogs like mine. Some dogs don't like water. Getting over-heated is a concern at the beach esp if seizure prone. I guess keep searching and keep it a secret if you do find a place for your dog to run free and explore.


Sorry for the long post. I've driven around for hours looking for an area for my dog to run free where there's no people. The whole time I keep thinking, "Geesh, people are everywhere!!!"



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Always liked Border Terriers. Just seems like a cool dog.


The Humpy Awards.




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taryma, what is her name? She looks gorgeous!

I grew up with a blue and tan Border.
Last year in spring we had to put him to sleep at the age of seventeen.
Being well aware which pain his loss would mean to us, my mum and I still agreed we owed him the relief from his suffers for all the joy and loyalty he had happily given to us over the years.
Despite her small frame Borders are a tough breed with a lot of personality, I think I will always have a weak spot for them.
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I have been owned by a Nova Scotia Duck Toller for a bit more than 8 years now. Was introduced and been around the breed for ~25 years thanks to my Ex FIL who unfortunately passed away a couple of years ago. I hunt upland birds, grouse and pheasant, and have for many years. While most of my friends remind me that toilets flush and real bird dogs point I can’t imagine not having him in my life either at home or in the field. They are a very dominate dog and by far one of the most intelligent which means they can always find a way to get into trouble. And will train you instead of the other way around if your not careful.


As a pup he kept getting underfoot while I was at the reloading bench so I picked him up and put him in an old keg of red dot gunpowder. Got a picture before he had enough and was all over the table:

Retrieve and bird instinct is one of the highest of any dog I have had the pleasure of owning. We don’t lose many if any birds due to him. I throw for him from 5-6 AM every morning. They are a working dog and need a job. Here in the front yard there are 2 deer bedded in the woods behind him across the creek. He doesn’t care and pretty sure he is saying just throw me the damn ball.
He is lacking some self-preservation and seems to enjoy treeing porcupines which can create some interesting situations. That I can do without…
But his real love is hunting pheasant in SD
And a rare double on ruffled grouse between the North Shore of Lake Superior and the Boundry Water Canoe Area.
Where the 2 of us spend several weeks every year camping and hunting ruff grouse, he has been a great companion in every way. As most all of my dogs have been. And pleased to see that many on here have had the same pleasure in life.
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Excellent post. Tolling behavior at all? 



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Lefty yes, when he was younger. We did several Specialty events and did outstanding. But with work and life in general we got away from it. The first grouse he delivered to hand was actually tolled smile.gif. My FIL, son and I were hunting grouse in North Central Pa. and one flew over a beaver pond. All 3 of us shot at the same time, one of us got a pellet in him and the bird splashed but was still very much alive. The dog was only 7 months old and hadn't let go of bottom yet and ran back and forth on the bank afraid to swim. The grouse swam right to him, although swam would be a crude term as they are not a very good swimmer. When the bird got about 10 yards away the dog couldn't take it any more and he jumped in grabbed him and then came out of the water circling me from the left and sat at my right side with the bird in his mouth releasing him into my hand when I said drop. Been a strong swimmer ever since. Not sure who was shaking more, me or the dog.


Here is a friends Toller from upland journal with the ultimate tolling picture I have ever seen:




PS: thanks for telling about this thread, it only took me around a year to get around to posting on it LOL.

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Nice. Glad to hear that aspect of the breed is still alive.


Great shot. "You didn't specify which one you wanted so ..."



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Yeah, I've have heard a lot of good things about NSDTRs, too.
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Louis XIV,


The humane society had already given her the name "Darla".  The kids and I were in agreement that it suited her even though we probably wouldn't have came up with that name ourselves.


Our 13 yr old Golden Retriever the kids grew up with suddenly died of a stroke. After almost a year we started going to Petsmart(or Petco?) on the weekends when the humane society was there with their adoptable dogs with the understanding that we were only going to look at the dogs, not buy one. However, I said, the right dog may be there on one of our visits one day, and we will all know it right away most likely. 


Three or four months later we brought home Darla. She was the only puppy in the litter left. All 5 of her brothers and sisters had already been adopted that day. One lady adopted 3 at one time! Darla unfortunately barked at anybody who held her or got near her non-stop. Turns out she was just scared. Once we got her home the barking completely stopped. We took a chance even though the non-stop barking at the store was really frustrating.



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So good to see a decent working dog working! I am not familiar with Tollers but the look cracking and from what I've heard are good workers. Presume they are similar to our (when I say 'our' I'm talking about the UK) Springers and Cockers when it comes to working cover?

Do you guys train to the whistle in the States?

G'dam those pictures make me want to get my ass back to the UK with my girl and put our training to the test properly! 18 months to go!
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