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nope, i always reply to those. my wife gets a lot more and forwards them to me. sometimes i have about 6 or 7 going on at one time. you need to be good at time management to keep that kind of schedule
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Well, I spent two years in the Peace Corps in Ghana. And, what I did was to buy some material at a market and have a local tailor make a couple shirts for me. He did a great job. Of course, I wasn't just a tourist, so I got a better deal and had the time to find a good tailor.
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I just returned from a month in Dakar. I had some clothes made and was generally pleased with the results. Not sure if Dakar is unique among African cities in this respect , but there is a huge market for imported material. You can find some pretty decent stuff, but I doubt you're getting a deal on the material (I wouldn't really know as I've never bought material anywhere else). You do get a great deal, however, on the tailoring. For example, I paid (probably overpaid as I didn't bargain as hard as I could have) approx. US$30 for 1.5 meters of 120s wool and then about US$10 to have a pair of trousers made. I gave the tailor a pair of trousers to copy, and the results were very satisfactory. The turn around time was a couple of days. I have had a tough time finding a pair of summer weight, flat-front trousers that I like for under $100, so I was pretty pleased. Obviously, the quality from tailor to tailor can vary dramatically, but you can get a recommendation from the person you buy the material from and ask the tailer to see an example of their work. I wouldn't have a suit or anything complicated made, but for a simple pair of trousers, I would recommend this route.
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(BjornH @ May 13 2005,12:27) Johannesburg was at least barren, save for a Dunhill store and Armani stuff on twice the normal price and perpeptually on sale. The local stuff is not bad and really cheap. Decently made shirts and good children's clothes. B
If you're going shopping in Africa, you have to go to Cape Town. I don't know why people spend more than a few minutes in Jberg...
I actually love Joburg. Sndton Square is the biggest mall in Africa, though its 99% sht. The dinner party scene is great. When I am there I usually hit two a night. The town isn't great, but the people are.
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i never ship to africa.
plug for discostu follows....i live in a place "virtualclotheshorse will never ship to" and after swapping a few emails convincing lance that i am a real customer with real money and real intentions to buy, i ended up a very satisfied customer...i bring this up only in case there is an honest forum member sitting in Capetown or something with an eye on one of his products
Scam... I feel sorry for honest people who live in Nigeria and Singapore
Singapore Harris??? really??? Me = surprised.
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yep singapore also. i have been ripped off twice shipping there, but obviously not to m@t
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The Davis menswear site I posted here a few days ago does a lot of business with African customers. They have beautiful stuff: Pancaldi ties, Lanvin ties, great shirts, etc. And, always important, terrific service. Here's the link again: www.davis-london.co.uk
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I've only been to Egypt (Cairo, Alexandria) and frankly clothes-wise, i didn't see anything interesting in the many stores I visited in two months. I got myslef a djeballah (Sp) and I regret to this not having bought a fez but that's about it...
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Back in the 70s when my dad was in university in South Africa, he was living with a very wealthy family who he has been very close with since. Whenever the gentleman from that family wanted to buy clothes, he'd always have to go into Cape Town, and he soon got annoyed with it so he opened his own store in the small town so that he wouldn't have to go anywhere. It had all sorts of great stuff from England and Italy, I think he sold it in the 80s when he moved. Now that there is so much white money in South Africa, even the outlying towns have the great boutiques, but it isn't like in North America to be sure.
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I would imagine Africa had some decent tailors being the former possessions of sartorially minded nations like England or France.
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