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One more quick question From what period was the blue inside tag with gold writing which says "Brooks Brothers- Established 1818" used? The reason I ask is that I have had a Brooks suit for some time with the same "established 1818" tag that is on these pants. Thanks
Here's an example of one of the more modern tags -- I don't know if it the latest, but certainly the penultimate. I have the same pair of trousers save the fact that they are forward pleats (a Brooks thing for a while -- until the new owners I suppose). I have a tagged pair of formal trousers like above but with tag like yours that I bought in '93 or '94 I think. It could have been older stock. I've noticed on some products that the "est. 1818" had disappeared and has now returned. Also the "Est. 1818" has begun to replace "Makers" (signifying that duds were made in the Brethren's own workroom). etc on products that have made a return.