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Thomas here. Sacque Suit runs 36 to 44 in even sizes on a 7" drop. Regulars and Longs. No shorts. For buying information, please visit my Web site at However, if you can't find a retailer near you, please send me an email at I have a few Spring suits in inventory that I can sell directly. Regards to all, t
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Hi Thomas, Mind telling us a little about your F/W line? (I am a F/W guy, personally).
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That's very kind of you to offer, Thomas. But I need to try stuff on before I can buy. Any chance of coming to Boston any time soon? I also second LA Guys question -- do you have plans for F/W? Heavier wools? Flannels? Corduroys and tweeds (which would be great.)? -boston
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I might head down to Shibuya in the next couple of days and see if I can locate one of these things to look at. If I can find the place, I'll update later.
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Tokyo Slim -- would love to hear about how they look at Nepenthes -- needless to say, haven't been there myself. Fall/Winter is almost all super 120 worsteds, medium weight (270 gm), with a couple of flannerl finish merinos thrown in. I love a flannel suit. The suits have contrast sleeve and body linings, and in general the look is modern/sleek rather than traditional. My best seller into stores was a frosted finish fancy stripe on a grey-brown ground. I love it and can't wait to have them made up so I have one my size. I love tweed, but haven't put any into the line yet.
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I might be able to sneak a pic. of the displayed goods for you, J just got a smaller camera than my moderately large FZ20 , which instantly draws the no-no's as soon as I pull it out in a store. I should pick up one of those wristwatch cameras I saw in Akihabara the other day.
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TOKYO SLIM: I'm looking forward to the pictures and descriptions. THOMAS: Your F/W sounds really good. I also love flannels, and I think that a slim cut flannel suit should look great (very Miles Davis). Your line-up is, of course, your business, but I would share that tweed/corduroy works better as odd jackets than worsted or flannel. One of the charms of your collection, for me, as that jacket and trousers could be bought seperately and/or together, and young folks with limited budgets would appreciate getting a little more use out of the coats if they could wear them seperately *and* as part of a suit. Of course, tweed/corduroy suits are not common/normal things to wear anyway. -boston
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Tokyo -- a pic would be great. I'm not sure how many are left, as Daiki at Nepenthes told me a couple of weeks ago that 2/3 of the jackets had already sold through. (this is a GOOD thing . . .) Boston -- you're right on the mark regarding corduroy and tweeds -- virtually impossible to sell as a suit and much better as separates -- that's a project for another time for me. Right now Sacque Suit is exactly that -- suits. t
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Never able to find the store - sorry, finding things in Tokyo sometimes requires much more notice than a couple days. Oh well... back in the overly warm Seattle area right now. It's shorts and T-shirt weather.
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My friend Mark Mcnairy did a great line, but most of it went back to Japan. He just finished off a project for Jack Spade that won't see the light of day. He is now trying to add some life to J. Press.
I hope he doesn't.  It would be awful if J. Press weren't to continue in its preserved status. edit: Thomas: I really like the look of the suits. Also good job using a source in Mass. to have them made.
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Horace -- thanks for the kudos -- glad you like the suits.
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Thomas - I'd like to  see your suits but the website has been inaccessible for (at least) the past 12 hours. j
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