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Windsor Grenfell Trench Coat

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Windsor Grenfell Trench Coat:

It seems of good quality and reasonably priced. Any opinions or (preferably) direct experience with the quality.


Btw, I like the old fashioned baggy cut. That's what a trench coat is, imho.
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I purchased two of this exact coat in 1999 while in London. The navy example lives in Minsk and a camel-colored one hangs in La Jolla. These coats are made from the original Grenfell designed cotton weave cloth. I also have an old Sulka (made to spec for Sulka by Grenfell) from the 1970s with that same cotton weave. That weave keeps the water out unless you elect to sit a the bottom of a swimming pool.

Minsk rarely has heavy rains, just regular spring and autumn drizzle in addition to some light summer showers. When the infrequent rains occur in La Jolla, it is a true downpour, just as if the heavens empty in one place in less than sixty minutes. These coats are up to any weather you can throw at them.

The coats in your link look as if nothing has changed since I purchased mine almost ten years ago. My Grenfell coats are well constructed and nicely detailed. Each of mine has a hidden zipper for a zip-in/zip-out liner. Ironically, no liner was listed in the Grenfell book at that time and the retailer never noticed the zipper until I pointed it out.

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Thanks for the reply. This model can be purchased with or without a zip-out lining (there's a £100 difference). I think I'll buy the one without extra lining -- I do't see the trench coat as winter coat, and for rainy winter days there's always my good old loden coat.
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Here's another (or maybe the same?) Grenfell cloth trench coat:

Anyone who knows more about this coat, the quality, size, possibility to complement with an inner button-liner etc.?
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Originally Posted by bartil View Post
Here's another (or maybe the same?) Grenfell cloth trench coat:
Anyone who knows more about this coat, the quality, size, possibility to complement with an inner button-liner etc.?
I was lucky enough to win one of these on eBay uk some years ago. I can honestly say that it is the most waterproof cotton coat I have ever owned - much better in this respect than the cotton-terylene and even the pure cotton coats of other makers. It's fine as a spring/autumn topcoat in any weather, but in my opinion is not warm enough for winter wear (even here in the UK) without a winter lining.
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The one on SuitsMen and the one on Lostworlds appear to be the same coat (look at the lining). I've just ordered one in camel. I'll report back once it arrives. They're made to order, so one can even specify some details/stock specials. Perhaps stupidly I went for the standard version.
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The Lost worlds coat is a different coat--cut differently. This is more apparent in person.

I have one of the Grenfell Russell coats (same as windsor except w/ lining) ordered through suitsmen. Am very pleased.
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Received the coat today. Quality fabric (if a tad light) and construction, though nothing spectacular. It feels better made than Burberry's. The fit is traditiona, i.e. very loose. I like that. It has the Queen's Royal Warrant. The buttons appear to be plastic -- I'll probably replace them with horn ones. Overall I'd say that for £450 it's good value, and certainly preferable to Burberry or Aquascutum.
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As a close friend of the owners of the Grenfell brand, i should let everyone know lostworldsinc is website who make counterfeit Grenfell garments.

There have been numberous attempts to locate the website publishers/suppliers of lost worlds, but unfortunately their lawyers have been unsuccessful. They are now seeking legal advise in the states.

SuitsMen are reputable suppliers of the Grenfell brand, and have recently increased the syles which they now hold.

The Grenfell website will be up and running very soon, in the meantime, they have the history of the company on their;

The brand still carries HM The Queens Royal Warrant, and still supply the Royal Household, including recently for Highgrove House, for HM The Prince of Wales.

All the buttons are made from Horn and not plastic, they use traditional English and Scottish Tweeds.
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Lost worlds inc make reproductions. Counterfit is not a valid term in this case, multiple makers uses grenfeld cloth in the past so lostworlds aren't doing anything unusual. What they sell are reproductions of things that are no longer made and the original makers no longer exist. In any case they call it a grenfell cloth trenchcoat, and have a long description where they point out they found grenfell cloth, and had it made to old coat spec. This is what they do with everything, and I think their customers are very aware that they are not buying originals but replicas made to match deconstructed old clothing. I have no idea about the ethics of all this but lots of makers do this. It probably falls in the same realm as all the japanese reproduction jeans and makers that copy hard to find designs of popular fashion and resell under their own name. Thanks I. Gentantithesis, and radicaldg, I was seriously looking at the windsor, mainly because of the fabric, and decent price. I've done some more reading and it's not that attrective anymore.
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Caveat Emptor. Nowhere in the Windsor description is Grenfell Cloth stated as the shell material. May be, may not be. Elsewhere on the site "Grenfell" garments are referenced as "Italian cotton" and "Grenfell Corduroy". Appears some entity has the rights to, and is exploiting, the previous weaver-specific type of cloth. Confusing, at best. The pater familias of the original Grenfell maker now works in management for Traditional Weatherwear based in Cumbernaud, Scotland - the maker of Traditional Weatherwear has two facilities, one of which, the Nelson factory, was owned by the Haythornthwaite family until 1999. It would not be too far fetched to surmise it now weaves Traditional's cotton cloth.

"Grenfell" may now be just a brand, bought and sold amongst marketers.

Dunno, but somethin' seems piscine. Apologies for raining on the parade.
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I eventually bought a Grenfell branded product. It carries a royal warrant (from the Queen), which leads it some trustworthiness/non fishiness -- to my eye, at least. The trenchcoat appears of good quality (even though my father's old Invertere looks better made). The cut is very traditional and very full.
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Once again, as a friend of the owners, with inside knowledge of the Grenfell brand.. Manufacturers can only reproduce coats/ jackets if they have surplus material to get rid of, which is sitting as stock...Recently, with the problems Burberry have had, they must now attain permission from the actual Patent holders (Eg. to reproduce garments with the Burberry check) if they are allowed to do so, which lostworldsinc have not done so. Then again, that is, if they actually have 'Grenfell cloth.' The last time it was being produced was in 1999, 10 years ago, how someone in the states ''found'' Grenfell Cloth is a bit hard for me to believe...In theory, how can it be a 'Grenfell' coat, if it is made either in the back of a garage, or someones home. Selling it on a commercial basis without permission is therefore illegal. If they had nothing to hide, why wouldnt they have answered the hundred or so emails sent by Haythornthwaite & Sons Ltd... Buyers beware...!
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There is a reason Stu hasn't responded to any of your friend's emails. In short, he's a bit of a nutter -- as in he's always right, and you're always wrong -- that thinks the world of his own products. I have never done business with him personally but have a look at comments here and on other forums about Lost Worlds Inc. and their "customer service," and product quality. I think the term might be hit and miss. You said that Grenfell cloth hasn't been manufactured since 1999. Does that mean Grenfell brand trench coats do not use Grenfell cloth any more? That is disappointing.
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Originally Posted by bartil View Post
Here's another (or maybe the same?) Grenfell cloth trench coat:

Anyone who knows more about this coat, the quality, size, possibility to complement with an inner button-liner etc.?

Was I the only one not staring intently enough on the coat to notice the straight up PORN on the item page??

Just a heads up....NSFW
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