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Cole Hann Jacket

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any opinions on this jacket? looks pretty good to me for wearing during spring/colder summer days and early fall how's the quality of Cole Haan stuff? thx, MaxTO
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It looks well made, though personally I find it a bit busy and safari-ish with all the buttoned patch pockets. Why is it so expensive? It doesn't look like anything that should cost more than about $150 at the very most. I have a zip-fronted oyster cotton waist-length jacket (very plain, as I prefer, with only a horizontal-zip inset breast pocket) from Cole Haan that I picked up, off-season, in Filene's Basement for about $40. It's nicely finished, with welted interior details. I imagine this one, which I gather is part linen, might be comparable in construction quality. So if you like it buy with confidence, but you might find something comparable at a better price, depending on your alternative sources. Good luck.
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Seems expensive. If you're looking for that style, check out CP Company. Great cuts and amazing fabrics. Very cool. You can find some great options on Yoox (wait for discount), but beware of fakes on Ebay. You might want to check out Outside, as well.
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MTM safari : based on an early 1900 model. .luc
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Lookin' gook luc. Although, not being French, I would personally exchew the scarf.
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i need to find me that magazine. i can't find it in any bookstores around here.
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