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Originally Posted by ratboycom
I wear my nice Reef Micky Fanning sandals most days. They are not the cheap foam rubber ones you see everywhere. They have a nice gel heel (kinda like running shoes) that makes them comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The beer bottle opener on the bottom is cool and a good conversation starter (Ill never use it... Ever). Also I am not nor do I represent a Frat Boy Jackass.

And I dont believe in wearing sandals outside of the hot summer months when its nice outside. Getting a pedicure is also a must and no stinky feet bastards should wear sandals... ever.

Who the fuck bumps year old threads? AHHH. Anyway, I might as well contribute too. Flip Flops are not for me because I have flat feet. Also, they are not for people who have nasty feet or people too poor to afford shoes, disgusting.
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Originally Posted by Jodum5
So can I but can you use your teeth?

I used to be able to when I had them.....

Sadly they are all gone now. 24 beers, 24 teeth, coincidence? I think not

K aka Gums McGoo
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personally, I love my flip flops, they're just easy and convenient, and are the next best thing to going barefoot (where practical). My favorites are my leather rainbow sandals...can't imagine living without them
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i love my havaianas...i have 5 pairs of em
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Originally Posted by VKK3450
I cannot stand this gimmick. Who is going to want to drink from a beer bottle opened on the sole of someones flip flop??

I can open a beer with my lighter, on the edge of the table, with my keys....


I can also open a beer with a lighter. I bought the sandals more for the cush padding. I will never drink a beer that has been opened with a sandal, even my own. I would on the other hand give a beer opened this way to one of my enemies.
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