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I must defend the flip-flop. In the Texas heat I will wear jeans, colorful flops (like Adidas Originals or Haveanas) with matching canvas or nylon belt and a vintage Munsingwear polo. Then again, I'm Asian so there is zero possibility of being mistaken for a frat boy. I never wear shorts and I think open shoes are a bit more acceptable with pants as they cover up more of your feet.
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Then again, I'm Asian so there is zero possibility of being mistaken for a frat boy.
Not true, I was an Asian fratboy when I was in school.  Loved every minute of it... (Pause for disgusted looks and throwing of rotten vegetables) Are we talking strictly crappy plastic flip flops here?  Because I have a pair of black leather slides that I love for chilling out in the city during the summer.   K
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I cannot walk with flip flops I dont understand how people do it. I would rather wear spartan leather sandals if I ahd to wear open shoes.
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My pair of flip-flops (cheap, rubber, made in Thailand) were given to me by a Laotian monk in Burma. That was 1995. They were perfectly appropriate in the tropics, but not for walking in the jungle, because of the insects. Now I use them as house shoes and for working on the roof. The rubber does no damage to the asphalt tiles.
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I think that flip flops are fine for the grocery store. I don't think that they are a safe driving choice for footwear. Many years ago a friend of mine was in a gay bar in Las Vegas and he saw a guy dressed in full leather plus flip flops. A fashion don't.
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Flip-Flop haters alert: Wearing Flip-Flop is supposed to be really "in" this season,so be prepared to see even more people wearing those.
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Hasn't it been really "in" the last five years? This seems to be one fashion problem that isn't dying.
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While I understand where the flip-flop haters are coming from (goes along with other crappy trends, frat/am. jackass friendly, not flattering on a lot of people, etc.) I think flip flops are... fine. I mean, leather flip flops or otherwise understated models can be worn, so long as the setting is very informal. Rainbows, otherwise slim rubber models, these are ok to me, and can be worn with a range of clothes - not just lacrosse- or boardshorts. If its hot, why not?
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When you're a software engineer.
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I have no problem with the cheap plastic flip-flop, which has its purpose. When I'm running to the corner store in spring/summer, it's cool. But tromping around city streets all day in it leads only to blackened soles, not to mention god knows what kinds of nasty germs. Moreover, this is my personal opinion, but pricey leather flip-flops are more than a bit much. Spend the $100+ on a more practical pair of footwear.
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those $250 hermes flippe-floppues will lighten you the wallet.
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Flip-flops are pretty tough on the feet. Women, who on the average probably wear flip-flops more than we do, get pedicures and buff out their callouses. Since I neither wish to have rough, calloused lizard feet nor get a pedicure, I try to cut down on my flip-flop use.
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Since I neither wish to have rough, calloused lizard feet nor get a pedicure, I try to cut down on my flip-flop use.
You should try the pedicure. Once a month, it is money well spent. My wife talked me into it and I was surprised how many men actually get them.
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Have to completely agree with the pedicure recommendation... As for spending $100+ on flip-flops, you have to be crazy. I have a very nice leather pair from American Eagle Outfitters that cost me about $30 - even that seemed a bit high - but whatever. As to when are flip-flops appropriate? it hit 100-degrees here yesterday in Phoenix. I spent the weekend wearing ringer t's, cargo shorts and flip-flops - it was quite appropriate. Bradford
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Ouch... 100 already? Can't say much for So. Cal though, aside from the last 4 or 5 days it's been miserably rainy here. I don't own any flip-flops... I might buy some for when I go to the beach.
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