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hipster dance music

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Ya'll know how incredibly modest I am when it comes to posting my music, but this is a buddy of mine's new band: my other car is a kayak The music should start playing as soon as you click the link.
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hipster dance = dancing with hamsters in your pockets.
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when the guy started singing i immediately thought of 'the talking heads', then i read the page and it mentions 'talking heads' 2 or 3 times. basically, i think they're overdoing it with 'the talking' heads influence.
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hipster dance is an explosion of mediocrity. see the killers, bloc party, chinese stars, the no wave and `keyboard bands`...also an annoying trend within a trend...the wholesale co-opting of the `gay` look. around seattle, its the sixteen year old suburban kids with the *homeless model* new balance velcro shoes and the blood brothers shirts that love that. they:re not interested if its not about attitude, lifestyle, and image. much like the bands they admire.
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the worst new music terms to be coined in the past couple years..."dance punk" and "angular guitar riffs"
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Damn guys take a chill pill. And I thought I was a harsh critic of the indie "scene." I disagree completely with Get Smart and mnemonic's posts... but I don't have it in me to argue about it.
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Oh, totally didn't realize that I was supposed to dance to hipster music.  I usually just stand around the bar looking cool and saying things like "Great riff" and "They have a great drum and bass influence going on."  Not to criticize hipster dance music - some of it is interesting, but I really don't see it as music to dance to. When I want to dance, hip hop, and crunk in particular, is the only way to go (unless you are into tango or lantin dances or something specific).  Let's face it, white dudes write great ballads and terrific music to rock out to, because most white folks (and I think that this generalization is not unfair, and I'm including girls here) can't dance worth crap.  Go to a hip hop club, and you will see real dancing (unfortunately, I think I got into the scene too late to ever become a reasonable dancer.) Rocking out is not really dancing, although it is fun.
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dont get me wrong, i actually like quite a bit of "hipster/indie/dancepunk" music. as far as mainstream music trends go, i'm more in tune with *this* one than, say, the grunge fad of the early 90s or modern "nu/progressive metal". but terms like 'dancepunk' send me shivers, in a bad way
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I guess I am pretty sick of the term Dance Punk, but there's still some amazingly good dancy "hipster" stuff out there that I won't forget suddenly because the rising backlash of one genre which now seems to be diving into neo-psych-free-folk (a genre which also has its merits, namely Dungen). It's true that the indie kids aren't the best dancers. In fact, most indie kids don't exhibit any true dance skill or training whatsoever - yet the fact remains that some indie bands have been making some of the most booty-shakin songs out there, and despite the fact that dancepunk is more or less OVER as a genre, the need to forget all the elitist critical bullshit and just "get down" is as prevalent as ever. And for this, we have The Rapture, Out Hud, Supersystem and Mahjongg (both new additions), GoGoGo Airheart, The Chinese Stars (at least their older stuff), Junior Boys, Chromatics, LCD Soundsytem, and at least a couple more good ones that I missed. Many indie albums contain at least a few dancy numbers. The new Architecture in Helsinki is a good example. I'm no dancer, I just like to have fun. Even the "I hate the scene" in me gets overwhelmed sometimes by the "fuck it, lets dance" in me. It's true, I look like a moron when I dance, and I don't really care because it's fun and you're supposed to look like a moron. At least I don't look like a self-conscious moron.
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.... At least I don't look like a self-conscious moron.
so you think.
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it's my theory that everyone can dance. everyone is born with rhythm. if you have no rhythm and you can't dance, it's only because you're too self concious to do so.
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