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Are cordovan's wearable in the summer or does it get just too hot?
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The stereotype is that they are...but I have taken more orders this season on Shell Cordovan shoes than any Fall season I can remember. And I added a real heavy-weight for stock in shell Cordovan, and it's sold problems or complaints. I just think there has been a rebirth in the Classics, and Shell fit's the bill.
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I live in S. Florida. It's hot today. I am wearing shell cord oxfords. If there is a difference between cordo and calf, heat-wise, I don't notice any.
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I have four pair of cordovan casuals and I don't notice any temperature difference between them and box calf.
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I never wear socks with mine, so I don't notice if it was ever too hot.
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I've never noticed any difference. If you have sweaty feet, wear merino wool socks. Much better than cotton.
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I love cordo but I don't much wear it during summer more for the aesthetics than for comfort. Exceptions being the cordo 8 tassle from Brooks, which I'll still wear with a suit or trousers/jacket.
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