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"Most of my 20,000 clients are billionaires," said Bijan...
http://www.bijan.com/dnr.htm There can't be nearly that many billionaires in the world...or can there?
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Simply Amazing. It says their cotton shirts start at $750. I wonder if Kiton makes the shirts they sell.
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Yes, I do wonder, shirts starting at $750?  I once saw a suit on Ebay with this label sewn inside: "Cucito a Kiton per Bijan" (made by Kiton for Bijan).  But I've heard that he also has suits made by D'Avenza.  Anyone know which companies make his stuff? I remember looking in the window and seeing a baseball cap with "100 % Bijan" boldly emblazoned on the front. I remember reading that Bijan not only is(and always has been) by appointment only, but also requires that his clients make a minimum of $1 million(after) taxes per month.  I actually saw him when I went to California last year.  Just outside his boutique a Bentley pulled up.  Bijan got out.  He went to the trunk and retrieved two small bags.  Just as he was getting them out two skinny blondes came out of his boutique to take the bags from him.  Somewhat to his credit, he has extreme confidence in his ability to sell based on exclusivity.  And he'll fly most anywhere on his private jet to meet clients.  On his window he listed a number of clients.  I think GW Bush, Bill Clinton and maybe even Al Gore were listed.  Somehow I cannot imagine Bush or Gore as clients of Bijan.  I remember seeing a pic of Bijan in a pinstripe suit, with multiple sleeve buttons undone.  Sometime when I see a person doing that I want to say, "looks like you forgot to button a couple of those." Pics of famous folk sans makeup: http://ebaumsworld.com/celeb.html
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His private label goods are produced by a number of different Italian factories. I've sold Bijan suits and jackets that were made by Brioni, D'Avenza and Isaia, and of course there are the Kiton items that you mentioned. They are top-quality clothes that cost double what you can get them for elsewhere. That's his selling strategy. Gotta admire that in a way...
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