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Tailor in Dallas Area

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Can anyone recommend a good tailor in the Dallas area? I'd be particularly interested in someone who can make nice button holes. And if you know a good dry cleaner, that would help, too. Thanks for the help.
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on a fluke chance i sold something to a guy and he needed a tailor in dallas, and i figured Korshak was out, but ic alled for a recommendation and my guy recommended J's or maybe it's Jay's, said he was very skilled and fast. i don't have a number, but check those two out, one of them is right
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J or Jays is Preston Shoe and Tailor Service They are in Preston Center, 6136 Luther Lane. (Yeah Stu - Korshak gave me the same rec but wrong name - I tried them out though and the work is excellent :-) ) Jose Hernandez 214-369-4342 Very very good, reasonable and the only place you want to take good shoes. Owner comes from a whole line of tailors, great guy.
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yep that's them. i haven't used them b/c i just found out about them 2 weeks ago, but they turned my guy's stuff around asap and he was pleased.
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Great-- and that's only a couple of miles from my house. Thanks, guys.
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Alberto Cercone 4828 Greenville does excellent work. An old established tailor, they custom make (full canvas) suits (starting $1500), work done on premesis, the work room staffed by elderly gentlemen hunched over their benches. 214-739-6730. I snagged a Chester Barrie jacket on ebay for $10.00 and they did the alterations. Price is a little higher than run of the mill tailors here in Dallas, but excellect workmanship.
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