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Indoor Audio Systems

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So I'm looking at putting in a nice new sound system at the studio and was looking around at speakers. We contemplated using in-ceiling speakers but I'm not sure if the sound broadcasts well or not. I figured wall-mounted speakers would broadcast a bit better but I'm unsure of what models to go with.

I want something that's capable of being loud and clear but surround sound and such are unnecessary -- standard stereo is fine. A separate subwoofer isn't needed either. I just want a good speaker that's capable of delivering good sound while being fairly discreet (no floor standing models, please).

Any suggestions?
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Budget? One thing to keep in mind with in-walls is that you need enough depth in the wall so the in-wall speaker can fit in there. There are some very thin in-walls now, but it's still a consideration.

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My home was wired for in ceiling speakers and I have never had one complaint regarding sound quality, loudness etc. The most important thing, depending on number of speakers your running off the Amp or Receiver is the need for a power amp. When I originally set up the system and tried to raise the volume, the Receiver would shut down. Once I added my Parasound Halo Amp the sound is amazing. My in-ceiling speakers are from the B&W CMW line. In my prior home, I had KEF speakers and the sound was also extremely good. One note, nothing sounds as good as a standing floor model in my opinion but the ability to control the sound in each room and listen to different music is the only reason I did the in-ceiling method.
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Though in general I'm not a huge fan of in-wall speakers, I did hear and like the sound of the Definitive Technology In-Wall speakers:

And the Totem Tribe were even better:

There are also Wall-Hanging speakers that I personally think sound better. Definitive Tech also makes those, and they are called the Mythos series. However, my favourite on-walls that I've heard that are a reasonable price are the Totem Tribe Architectural (not to be confused with the Tribe In-Walls):

Tribe series comes both in wall and hanging. You should probably audition them and decide for yourself which ones sound the best. As to whether or not In-Ceiling speakers will be good enough for you depends a lot on how picky you are
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Orb audio also fits the bill but you may need a small subwoofer to compensate for the size of those things.
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I went with some Polks that sound great for the price I paid ($69.99/pair marked down from $179.99).
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check out B&W loudspeakers. i have a pair of floor standing ones (actualy there bookshelves with stands) and they are amazing really amazing (i have the B&W 602's) they make in wall/roof custom speakers and if they are as good as what i have you will be very happy indeed!
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Polk is okay but also check out Paradigm, AudioEngine and PSB. I also like Spendor, Monitor, and some B&W.
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Giving recommendations without knowing the OP's budget is rather silly.
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Originally Posted by Sprezzatura2010 View Post
Giving recommendations without knowing the OP's budget is rather silly.

He bought some Polks with an MSRP around $180 as detailed above so my answer was based on $200 a pair.
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Can anyon spec out a decent 5.1 system with receiver for under $1000?
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