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Shrinkage of Threadless Shirts

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Apologies, I know its been covered before, but I cant find the thread that its in.  If someone can point me to the right thread or humor me once again I appreciate it How much shrinkage can one expect with the Threadless Ts?  After checking the measurements on the website, and then some of my favorite t-s right now, I want to order a med or small, but have no clue how much they will shrink.   What scares me even more is that it seems that there are different shirt brands used for different prints, so does that mean that I should get a med in one, but a small in another??? Ohhh the woes and perils of online shopping K PS, I know there is some fit discussion in the other threadless thread , but I am looking at shrinkage in the wash.
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I received mine today, I could let you know but you'd have to wait...
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I would say, get the small. On their site it says the regular Ts are Fruit of the Loom. So they will be a little bigger and made from a heavier cotton than American Apparel (the styleforum Gold Standard TM.) Since the cotton is heavier, they are less likely to shrink. EDIT: They are actually poly cotton blend.
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Thanks Fuuma, but I think I need to order in the next couple of days to get them to my folks so they can carry them over for me.   I wonder if all Fruit of the Loom Ts are sized consistently... Poly Cotton shrinks less than straight cotton right? K
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I tumble dry mine on high, and the shrinkage is considerable. Still, a lot less fitted than AA tees.
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Yes, poly-blends shrink less. I bet these are the shirts they use. "Does not shrink or wrinkle." Uh-huh. I think that assumes you hand wash cold and air dry. $2.18 a piece with volume pricing available. This is not an ad, btw.
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The three shirts are got are: -of lesser quality than AA tees but nothing alarming -have slightly less fitted bodies than AA tees and sleeves that are a lot looser -consistant in size from one shirt to another I could take measurement if somebody is interested (size S)
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I could take measurement if somebody is interested (size S)
measurements would be good...I want to compare how accurate they are to what they've got on their site. I usually wear medium size t-shirts, but after measuring them and comparing to what's on threadless' sizing guide, I'd need to order an XL (compensating slightly for shrinkage).
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Fruit of the Loom t-shirts are pretty much the same sizing as GAP or any other run of the mill t-shirt maker. Max, if you're normally a medium, just go for medium again. If you want to be certain, go for Large. XL is waaaaay overdoing it though. The Fruit of the Loom small fits a little bit smaller than the American Apparel medium.
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Agree---just get your regular size. They shrink maybe 3-5%. Large will be too big, trust me. XL only if you like imitating Easy E.
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Thanks All, I think I am just going to pick up a couple of mediums for now. Proabably easier to shrink em than to stretch em. K
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