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Always at the cleaners. A local place accepts all competitors' coupons. Typically the type of store that issues coupons in the first place isn't an establishment that one would be embarrassed to patronize with a coupon...
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I remember when I was a kid we would get a big stack of coupons from Hungry Jacks (Burger King) and my father would force me to eat lunch there everyday after school before the expiry date. He wouldn't even let me leave until I finished my second soda refill in the restaurant, and another refill for the road.

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LOL Your dad sound s like so many people that work hard and are determined to get everything their entitled to at a restaurant weather they want it or
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Haven't read all the posts but I observe the old wise saying that states: A penny saved is a penny earned. I will happliy use coupons and employ every other legal and ethical means of saving money.

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