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I found this place by following a link to find a rare movie review of "Last Tango in Paris", and then started looking around the site. Looks to have some pretty interesting stuff and articles, but you gotta pay to access most of the site. Has anyone else heard of it, and if so is it worth paying for? Eric
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I like it, and you can get free access by watching a comercial. try it for a while, the comercials are 30 seconds or so and get you access for the day, and then decide.
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Their movie reviews, and arts in general, are my favorite part of the site. Eric Boehlert's reporting is also excellent. Salon's been around since at least 1996, but they started charging around 2001 or so. I used to have a subscription, back when it was $35, but since they bumped it up to $50 (and changed their editorial tone, to be honest), I haven't renewed it. I still read it every day via their SitePass, however. Given that the site's bled so much money since its inception, sometimes I wonder how long it'll last.
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Great column called Daily Downloads that links to and comments on free MP3s. Their little ad thing can get annoying since it seems to drop my cookie as soon as I close my browser. It's supposed to be good for a day, but I often have to watch the ad again when I go back in the same day. The articles stay up for too long for me to pay. Not enough turn-over in stories. bob
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Liberal safe haven, guilty pleasure. amusing gossip columns and weekly this modern world by tom tomorrow.
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