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rubbers addon on soles

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Of course, I like the squeaking sound of my bare leather soles when I walk around my office on my hal-inch deep wool carpet... However, for someone who happen to _walk_ to work, I'm more confident with a piece of rubber (topy) glued on my soles : especially when it rains. What's your take ? Does it really shortent the lifespan of shoes ? .luc
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I wonder whether I should do this to my new shoes. But plastic layers are only good for wimpy rain. I'd need pilotis. So I wear cheap shoes outside and change when I get to my office. Yesterday morning when it started raining I was happy I wasn't wearing expensive leather-soled shoes. Mathieu
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It is good to have a couple of pairs with non-slip Topy or Vibram added for bad weather. I also prefer it when I am on business trip as I do a lot of walking on all kinds of surfaces. It gives me better grip and is easily replaced when worn. My better leather-soled shoes are generally reserved for when I am in my home city, on dry days. I love both types for the different occasions that they are needed to serve.
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It's funny you mention this. I just started working, so I'm wearing shoes with leather soles everyday. I'm convinced that I'm going to break a hip. If it weren't for my cat-like reflexes, I think I'd end up on my back at least 3x week. Still, I can't stomach the thought of adding rubber to my 'nice' shoes. Maybe I'll change my mind after I go into traction for the first time...
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yeah, in the metro in paris, there are some places where I wear brand new leather soled shoes and I feel like I'm doing some bad moonwalk type of dancing while I walk. .luc
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I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, it sort of defeats the purpose of a leather sole to stick a piece of rubber under it. On the other hand, when time comes to hand over your worn leather soled shoes to a heavy handed cobbler you'll wish that you'd put rubber soles on. Furthermore, Stockholm is not a nice place to wear leather soles outside May to October. The rest of the time, it's covered either in snow or thick layer of gravel and sand and neither is healthy for the shoes or the wearer.
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I used to resist rubber add ons to my leather soles, but I have recently given in and am happy. No one can tell, except that your step isn't as loud as it used to be. Much more comfortable to walk on. Lasts much longer. My nice shoes still look great.
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