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I had an interesting experience here in Japan the other day. I was browsing at my local discounter, a store that carries ties by Dunhill, Hermes, Lancel, and Bulgari and shoes by C&J, among others, and came across a pair of socks with "Chester Barrie" on the tag. They went for Y500 yen (about $4.50) The label said something like "These socks were made in Japan by ABC Co. under license from the UK firm Chester Barrie."   I started to pay more attention to the tags on other socks on the rack.  There were several well-known names, each made by ABC Co. with a similar label. In contrast to the Chester Barrie label, a label on another brand said "These socks were made in Japan by  [the same ABC Co.] using technology transferred from [well-known UK firm]."   ABC Co. recieved a transfer of cutting edge toe linking technology, perhaps? The socks seemed well enough constructed, and I thought it might be fun to have a Chester Barrie "piece" in my wardrobe (or in this case, sock drawer) but they were not over-the-calf, so I resisted. Bic