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How often do you get your hair cut? - Page 2

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Anywhere from 4 weeks to 9 months.
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I need to start going more often. Right now it's over a month, it gets a little messy after a few weeks though.
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once a month, or two month
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Once every 4-6 weeks
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Once a month. Unless there's special events to attend like a wedding/interview/etc, then maybe a trim right before then.
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Whenever I get tired of it or it starts to look gross, probably 4-6 weeks at the short range, couple of months at the long range.
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I cut my hair at home so I would say 1-2 times per week.
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I probably go every 2-3 months.
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A properly groomed gentleman should never get to the point of needing a haircut!
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Depends how often I get my paycheck. If I am not paid for a year, I don't get a hair cut for a year.
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When it gets in my eyes/ I start to look like a girl I get it cut quite short, then leave it alone till it happens again. This might be different when I stop being a student.
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when it's warm I buzz it every two weeks, in the winter I get lazy and only buzz it once a month or so.
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Usually about 3 weeks, but I cut it myself so I do it when I have time.
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wow, i usually get it cut like once every 2 months
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Reviving this thread because I am thinking about setting a schedule.

I figure if I book the next appointment while paying for my last one, I won't run into my usual issue where I put it off until I get enough photos taken of me and posted on facebook that I notice how bad it is looking...then nebulous scheduling makes it take even longer. If I just fixed it in advance, I would plan for it and rarely have a conflict (and now that I have a smartphone with integrated calendar, there are no excuses).

So when should I set it...5 weeks or so? I don't keep it really short so it has groom to grow between cuts before it looks terrible
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