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Sorry to necro-this post, but i've recently fallen in love with Jodphurs (again), and am very interested in procuring a pair.
Right now the C&J Cottesmore looks like the most affordable/attractive option, but I'm open to suggestions.

Any thoughts on how the Cottesmore fits?
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Cottesmore is constructed on the 341 last which fits tts, imo. Very comfortable boot. Was also made for the U.S. market under the name "Quorn." Other alternatives:

C&J Holland
Barker Black Blenheim
Barker Black Lavenum
Alfred Sargent Childrey
Alfred Sargent Ascot
Trickers Chepstow
Trickers Gresham
New & Lingwood
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Thanks. That list is very helpful. I believe Barker Black's Blenheim was discontinued, but can be made as a custom order for around $1k. Given the alternatives, It's looking like C&J for me. But I will definitely investigate the other options.
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true, however i do see a pair pop up once every blue moon: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Barker-Black-Lavenum-boots-UK9-US10-The-crockett-/140598116218?pt=UK_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item20bc4cff7a

i considered all the aforementioned brands but "settled" with the C&J. very happy with the decision
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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

Anyone know where I can still find something similar these jodhpurs that is RTW? Any shops I can check out?


Who are some makers that offer such an ankle boot without having to wait whether it is MTO or seasonal? TIA!

I am in the market for a pair and would like to see what is available nod[1].gif
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