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AE or Alden shoe types

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As I stated in a prior post I work in Finance, so my business dress is rather conservative. I was hoping some of you can recommend specific AE or Alden shoe models that you like.
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Allen Edmonds Park Avenue: and Byron Alden cordovan wingtip: Alden perf cap at Brooks (Edit: really a semi-brogue): Keep in mind, of course, all of the above are very conservative shoes, but would always be "right" in a conservative business environment.
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I'll go with everything AlanC said. Just keep in mind that both Alden and AE have a number of cap-toe and wing-tip variations, in a number of lasts (the shoeform that the shoe built on), so you can just try a few on until you get one that fits best for you. Both brands have a substantial number of widths for each size length (especially the Park Avenue), so that you can fiddle around until you get a good fit. Also, you might want to try some bluchers (open laced shoes such as the AE Colton or MacNeil), if you have a hard time fitting into the closed laced shoes above. They're sometimes easier to fit.
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What do you mean by open laced? What is the main difference between AE and Alden?
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This would be open-laced - compare the lacing style with the Park Avenue above.  
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Open-laced Alden blucher from Brooks: Open-laced shoes ("blucher" or "derby") are generally considered less formal than closed-lace shoes ("oxfords"). Bluchers do provide a better fit for some. Alden is generally viewed to be slightly better quality than Allen Edmonds, although most would agree the quality is similar. Allen Edmonds can generally be found on discount more easily.
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Where are AE's generally discounted?
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Where are AE's generally discounted?
AEs are more widely distributed with a lot more shoes produced, so more filter down to discount shelves. Aldens tend to be sold more at specialty stores that rarely discount.
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The park avenue in that color looks like a beautiful shoe.
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For picking up Allen-Edmonds at good prices, try Nordstrom's sales if you are anywhere near a Nordstrom, especially the anniversary sales that start in late July. If you live anywhere near an Allen-Edmonds factory outlet, you can buy "seconds" (shoes with tiny, usually imperceptible, flaws) very cheaply. I have bought the Park Avenue for as little as $159, the Byron for $149. Once you know your appropriate sizes and lasts, I believe the outlets can ship you shoes.
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The DC-area Nordstroms for some reason no longer discount the Park Avenue during their sales.  They do discount other select AE models, however.  AE stores occasionally have modest (10% off) sales.  I have seen a lot of the now-discontinued Lexington model at Filene's Basement.
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I always had a problem with the Park Avenue owing to its rather smallish cap. I think it looks disproportional. Anybody agrees?
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What exactly is a shoe last?
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Do others have favorites as far as specific models for these shoes?
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I own the Alden wingtip in cordovan, but it is, in my opinion, one hella boring old man shoe.  Check out the Franco site.  In particular, the special edition 'Roma' by Borgioli:
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