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Bucharest tailors

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Someone on theis board recommended a Bucharest tailor named "Negrila," near the Hotel Intercontinental. Finding this tailor has become both a quest, and a source of marital strife between my wife and I. Please, please, can anyone enlighten me about where this tailor is?
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Are you going to Bucuresti, Bresch?
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Have you tried speaking to a manager or concierge at the hotel?
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my old office had a bespoke tailor on the ground floor, and wasn't too far from the interconti. I can't for the life of me remember the guys name, though. he might be the one you are looking for. I have heard good things about him, but I never used him. here is the address: UNION Business Center 11 Ion Campineanu St., Sector 1, Bucharest Romania it is right across from the archetecture school.
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Hmm, RJMan you spell Bucharest the Romanian way? Yes, I am going, to attend a wedding.
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Negrila is not near the Intercontinental, it's near the Athenee Palace Hilton, off of Cailea Victoriei and Episcopiei. I haven't been to Buchie in a couple of years, but have been to Negrila at least five times, so here's my best shot at directions -- If you're standing outside of the Hilton and looking directly at the front door, turn right and start walking (away from Victoriei). After maybe 50-75 metres, you'll face a fork in the road with a narrow street going off to the right and left of a pie-shaped building. Go to the right and about three doors down on the left hand side is Negrila. I don't think there's a sign, but there should be some faded pictures torn from magazines that look to be 1970s vintage. Ignore these and walk in. If you live in Bucharesti, I can give you my friend's mobile and he'll give you better directions in the event this fails. sorry to be the source of marital strife. Mark
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