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Tailor in Dallas, TX for MTM/bespoke shirts?

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I'm looking for a tailor to custom-make casual button-up shirts (short-sleeve and long) - short enough to wear untucked, etc.. but without the hassles of trying to find the perfect Band of Outsiders shirt or getting something of lower quality (J. Crew) altered.

Older threads turn up some leads (Cantu Tailors, Chris Despos), but those mostly deal with suit alterations and are a year or more old.

I actually live in Arlington, so if any leads point to Southlake/Ft. Worth/etc. those are great as well.
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I'm also kind of in this boat. I've been using internet MTM for a while, but would prefer to start using a local place if prices are reasonable.

Just two other names I've seen while searching for places; have not been to either though


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Thanks for those - I find myself near the areas with Q on a regular basis, I'll have to stop in.
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mytailor.com (Hemrajani) will be in the area later this month.

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Ripley shirts is based in Dallas. They do MTM. I have used them but not the others mentioned, so I can't compare the quality. You can either go to the workshop, where they have a small display and measuring room, or they will come to you office. They will usually deliver the finished shirts to your office and will come there if there are any problems. I haven't lived there in five years and have been buying BB and JAB OTR while living here, but a visit to Ripley is my first order of business when I move back this year.
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Another MTM source I've heard of, J. Hilburn ( http://www.jhilburn.com/ ), is located in the office building (above Starbucks and Anthropologie) in Highland Park Village. It might be worth checking them, Q Shirtmakers, Robert Talbott, Pockets, and Ralph Lauren while you're in the center. I don't have experience with any of their MTM programs.

Other usual suspects -- Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom
Very high end -- Stanley Korshak

There is a store across from SMU called Culwell and Sons that offers MTM shirts (again, no experience with their MTM). If you go there, you might ask for a salesman named Lance. He has helped me for years; very good guy.

In Fort Worth, there is a Neiman Marcus at Ridgmar Mall. Also in Ridgmar is a store called John L. Ashe; I don't know for certain, but would suspect they offer MTM shirts. There is a store near Hulen and 30 called Squire Shop that offers MTM shirts.

Hopefully, someone who knows more will chime in.

I've seen other stores (that are eluding my brain right now) mentioned in where to shop in Dallas threads. You might do a forum search for other options.
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For more serious work, I go to Cantu Tailors and see Roy Cantu. No language barriers here.:

Cantu Tailors
6053 Sherry Ln
Dallas, TX 75225
(214) 739-3190

That's over by Preston and Northwest Highway. It's a bit of a drive over there, but it is worth it. He does contract work for Cullwell. He is really good!

If you want the BEST custom tailoring, then go to Chris Despos. Yes, Chris comes to Dallas about every six weeks because he has clients here. I don't know if you have read about him on the forum. His forum name is "Despos". He is strictly a bespoke tailor although he will do some alteration work for existing clients. If you want him to make a suit for you, it will run about ****. It is worth every penny though because his work is on the level of Rubinacci - seriously. You can reach him at:

Despos Tailoring
2600 Cole Ave # 329
Dallas, TX 75204
(214) 871-8880‎

As far as shopping goes, Brad's post above is helpful. I like Pockets at Highland Park Village, Neiman Marcus at Northpark Mall, and a real gem in the Neiman Marcus Last Call at Grapevine Mills Mall in Grapevine. It really depends on how much you want to spend and your tastes. Brooks Brothers and Daniel Craig in the West Village are both great. There's a very good Ralph Lauren store in Highland Park Village. If you want to really go first class, then you should try Stanley Korchak on Cedar Springs. They are extremely expensive, but they do have the best. They carry an extensive Kiton collection if you are into that.

I hope that helps.

Here is a PM JCriswell sent me.

Here is an old post from Brad Weprin over at AAAC that might be helpful: http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/f...5&postcount=13

Doesn't directly target the question you ask but it has a ton of info about Dallas in general.
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Try Duncan Quinn.

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Pockets at Highland Park Village. One of their makers is Hamilton. It is a good shirt for the money. If you want a lower price, Hemrajani is a better value than others mentioned in this thread.
My shirts run from 335.00 to 550.00, 4 shirt minimum. trim body, high armholes. No fusing. English, Italian fabrics. Make one shirt until you & I are happy.
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Originally Posted by southbound35 View Post
I've seen other stores (that are eluding my brain right now) mentioned in where to shop in Dallas threads.

Originally Posted by jon5986 View Post
Try Duncan Quinn.

The main one that was eluding me.
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Any recommendations for MTM dress shirts in the Dallas area? Does anyone have any feedback on Culwell & son? They have a 6 MTM shirts deal for $595 that I'm interested in.. but I don't know about their quality/reputation.
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I purchased 4 shirts from them, and I really liked them. I can't remember what book they were from, but they were around $130 each and in solid colors. I think the 6 shirt minimum order involves shirts from another book though.


If I still lived near them, I'd tweak my shirts a bit and order more. Unfortunately, it'll probably be months (if even) before I can get around to returning to Dallas.


If this is your first MTM order, I'd definitely try to read up on all the options you can get though (or just order 1 shirt first).

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How custom do they get with the measurements? I'm hoping to go in-store to get measured by an associate..
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I am pretty sure they measured the same measurements Cego in NYC measured on me. I think it would be best to ask them if there was a particular measurement you want them to be aware of. And if you were wondering if an associate measures you, that is correct.

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Thanks for the info. How are the fabrics? I've been spoiled by the convenience of non-iron Brooks Brother's shirts and I'm fully aware these shirts won't be non-iron. How much of a pain in the ass are they to iron, etc?
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