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Question about Allen Edmonds...

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Is every shoe that is called an "Allen Edmonds" really up to par and recommended by the forum? I ask because I often notice very reasonably priced AE's on display at Century 21. IIRC, we're talking in the $80-100 range. It just so happens that I need a new pair of shoes for tomorrow. Does that sound like the right price range for a pair of AE's at C21? Thanks for your help
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AE is respectable (I mostly wear them). But they won't set the world on fire. 80-100 is very reasonable. Which model are we talking about?
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To tell the truth, I have no idea what the model is. I would have no idea what an AE is without reading this forum, and I just recognized the brand name as very commonly talked about and recommended on SF. They were a nice looking pair of shoes, but I just want to make sure that I get a good deal and that I'm not buying an inferior shoe.
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as far as i can tell, allen edmonds makes everything at one quality level - very, very good. on average, most people rate them to be slightly below Alden and C&J benchmade (which are generally around $330 to $400). i rate them about the same - i have a higher opinion of AE than most. if you want to do some research, allen edmonds current line is viewable at and you can pretty much see the same thing at the nordstroms site, maybe a little out of date. the leather-soled lace-ups generally start at $285 go slightly up. the rubber soled shoes are decent - some are cheaper due to differences in the construction. i don't like the slip-on moccasins and loafers, but I don't anybody's slip-ons and mocs. for $80-100, they're good. especially if they're leather soled lace-ups.
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Yes, if you need them and they fit in your budget, I'd grab 'em. You're not going to do better than that price for new AE's generally speaking. The only AE's you might question quality wise would be the Italian made loafers. Otherwise, to my knowledge, they make only one quality level. FWIW, I have a pair of the AE Lexingtons that I like very much.
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I've had excellent customer service from AE, even for shoes that were bought off of eBay. I would go ahead with them if they fit. As a side note, I had someone at AE tell me last week that many of the loafers are now re-solable because AE bought the factory that makes them.
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I've seen those bargain-priced AE shoes at C21. The widths tend to be limited. One of the nice features of AE shoes is the wide range of widths they come in. Consider yourself lucky if you find the correct length and width.
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I have purchased a whole passel of Allen-Edmonds, mostly from their Cabazon outlet. I have bought a couple for $79 and a whole bunch for $129. Many of these have been leather-soled lace-ups. All have been very satisfactory shoes. At risk of sounding like a broken record to forum regulars, I think they are impossible to beat for value for money in a decent-quality shoe. I think Aldens are a little nicer, but they are most unlikely to be found at such low prices. C&J Benchgrades have impressed me as overrated and very overpriced based on my close and semi-educated scrutiny. Edward Greens--now, they are definitely, discernibly a nicer shoe than anything A-E makes but you are not going to find them at anything remotely close to A-E prices in normal retail channels.
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